Utah Couples Massage Class

Utah Couples Massage Class

There’s nothing like a holiday focused on love to smack you in the face with the realization that you’re in a dating rut. After 8 years together, there’s just certain stuff we’ve started to take for granted when scheduling time together.

Our family is focused on adventure, traveling, and making the most of each day, but always as a trio. On the rare occasions that we do get away without our 5-year-old third wheel, we’re usually out with other couples or settle for the tried-and-true dinner or movie. I mean, after planning and executing adventures around the world a girl gets a little tired, you know?

Sometimes a lazy night out is perfect, but other times you need a fresh activity to liven up your love life. Enter Zen Spot Couple’s Massage Class.

The Saturday before Valentine’s Day we and 2 other couples met Jami, a licensed Thai massage therapist, at her gorgeous, brand new health studio in a funky strip in downtown Provo, Utah. Jami first explained her massage philosophy and why she felt it was important to start a Utah couple’s massage class:

We don’t have a place in our culture for non-sexual therapeutic touch, but it’s so wonderful.

Jami couldn’t be more right. I love getting massages, but I tend to feel guilty asking for one from my husband. Even if I were more comfortable, neither of us really knows how to relieve muscle tension without causing permanent damage, you know? Thankfully, the entire intention of this Utah couples massage class is to teach each person simple, effective massage techniques to perform on their partner using equipment everyone has at home. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Jami had one person from each couple sit facing the back of a chair (with a pillow for comfort) and taught the partner’s how to massage the neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and feet. She even came around to observe each person to make sure we were performing the technique correctly, and gave us many heated towels for extra comfort. It was wonderful. We then switched and she taught the other set the same techniques. This way we both know exactly what to do and will be able to help each other give more effective massages at home!

couple massages in a chair at a Utah couples massage class

After learning techniques in chairs we switched to body-length pads in the studio’s adjoining room. The receiver laid face up on the pad (with a provided blanket, if wanted) with the giver at our heads. Jami used this position to show us how to massage and stretch the neck, head, face, and ears on a bed or couch. Oh. My. Word. Like, seriously.

Utah couple massage class studio room

With the right guidance a civilian can easily provide a really wonderful and effective massage experience, and I’m more than thrilled that we both learned how to provide this service.

As much as I love the excuse to get a massage at home more often, my favorite part of the couple’s massage class was the closeness I felt to my husband. Even when out on dates we get distracted by occasionally glancing at our phones, talking about the menu, eating our food, watching a movie, commenting on reckless drivers, etc. But in this massage class he and I were the only people who mattered to each other. Though we had friendly banter with Jami and the other 2 couples, the majority of our attention was on one another. We were trying to help the other feel good with our touch. We asked if the pressure was ok or if the other person liked a certain technique. We expressed our sincere appreciation to one another for the time we were taking to learn and practice massage.

We felt a deep connection to one another by performing such focused, non-sexual touch.

Jami’s goal to educate couples on the joy of non-sexual massage is in full-force. She is offering limited couple’s massage classes through the month of February, with plans to continue the class monthly. If you are interested in forming a deeper connection by taking your own couples massage class for only $35 don’t wait!


Jami is even offering you a $5 coupon code. Click here –> to schedule your class, and use code OBRIENS for $5 off! 

This well-adjusted travel writer highly suggests it.

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