A Walking Tour of Downtown St.George, Utah

A Walking Tour of Downtown St.George, Utah

Some Sentimental Stuff

St. George, Utah, is a city from my childhood. My grandparents retired there when I was 6, and I have wonderful memories of staying with them over school breaks into my adulthood. I’m very close to my grandparents, and we always had a great time together eating at their favorite restaurants, taking scenic drives into Zion National Park, and wandering the streets to their favorite stores or landmarks.

In February 2017 my 91-year-old grandfather passed away. I immediately flew in from North Carolina for the funeral, and stepped into their familiar 3-bedroom condo under a dark cloud. My mom, aunts, uncles, and grandmother were all there playing our favorite card game and laughing through my grandfather’s old pictures; sharing memories of the wonderful life they’d lived together. Me; I just missed him. Four months later my 90-year-old grandmother moved to a retirement community in Salt Lake City, where she could be watched by attentive staff and my aunt who lives nearby.

This Thanksgiving was the first time I’ve stayed at their St. George condo in a few years, and it was both wonderful to be back and surreal without either of my grandparents. We visited with my sister and her family, and happily started making new family memories amid the pictures and figurines from the past.

We had an incredible time filling each hour of our 3 days together. As a group we rappelled off of the Dixie Sugarloaf in Pioneer Park, hiked in Zion National Park, mountain biked, played cards, and ate. And ate. And ate.

My sister and her family left a day earlier than we, so Saturday afternoon was spent slowly wandering the adorable St. George downtown as a family of 3 to recuperate from our adventurous week.

I do love this place. The shops are unique and friendly, the street art and architecture are beautiful, and the family-friendly activities are endless.

But I missed my grandparents.

I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

A Walking Tour of Downtown St. George

Park at the Children’s Museum to begin. The St. George Children’s Museum is 2 floors of interactive fun, including many different interactive rooms. Whit’s favorite was the broadcast room on the first floor. It features a stage with working curtains, dress up, and a light booth to control music and lighting. Whit fluttered from light booth to curtain manager to performer quite happily for around an hour. Seriously. An hour. Ben and I just sat in the audience chairs and made sure he hadn’t left the room. Plus, the museum runs off of donations so we chose to pay $10 as a family. I call that a win!

Leave your car at the Children’s museum and walk north towards downtown. The street you’re on, Main Street, is full of super cute boutiques and street art. Enjoy!




Turn right at St. George Blvd. for more cute shops and restaurants. My favorite shop here is M & S Turquoise, which showcases some of the most beautiful, genuine, handcrafted turquoise from local native american artists. Ask for Karen and say Ricki’s granddaughter sent you and she’ll treat you well! You can also find dreamcatchers, incense, and prayer rocks there to make your trip complete.  Two diners on this road boast great burgers and milkshakes to really drive home the small-town America feel!



Pictured below is the Tabernacle on Main Street. It’s a historic building to the Latter-Day Saint faith, and is currently being remodeled. It will be so cool when it’s finished! 


Stop at the St. George Carousel behind the Tabernacle on your walk back. It only costs $1/ ride, which includes a free ride for children 42″ and under with a paying adult! We love carousels. $5 well spent!


You can walk or drive from the Children’s Museum parking lot to the LDS Temple a couple blocks away.  It’s one of my favorite buildings in the entire world. It holds spiritual significance for me, but is also simply gorgeous (and I have a weakness for beautiful architecture.) Take a picnic on the large grounds, walk around and up the giant staircases, or visit the Visitor’s Center for more information on it’s construction and religious significance. All welcome to wander!


Walking Tour of Downtown St. George, Utah Details: 

  • St. George Children’s Museum: 86 South Main Street.
    • Cost: Donation ($4/ adult and $3/ child recommended)
    • Plan on a couple hours of play
  • Main Street
    • Boutiques and Antique Stores
    • Visitors Center: 20 N Main St #105
  • St. George Blvd
    • Boutiques and restaurants
    • View Pioneer Park red rocks and Dixie Sugarloaf
  • Restaurants:
    • Twisted Noodle Cafe, 20 North Main St.
      • American, vegetarian, healthy
    • One Hot Grill, 14 Tabernacle St
      • American, Hot Dogs
    • Larsen’s Frostop Drive-In, 858 St George Blvd
      • American, Milkshakes, Burgers
  • St. George Carousel: 50 South Main Street
    • Cost: $1/ rider, plus free child admission with paying adult
  • St. George LDS Temple & Visitors Center 250 E 400 S
    • Bring a picnic
    • Walk the grounds
    • Visit the visitors center for videos and dioramas

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