Top 5 Best Things (and 2 Worst) at Universal Studios Hollywood

Top 5 Best Things (and 2 Worst) at Universal Studios Hollywood

We had a great time at Universal Studios Hollywood! We fit everything we wanted to do in just one day, and made it a great one. After a busy, fun day of rides and shows here is our list of the top 5 best things at Universal Studios Hollywood!

*Our tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood were complimentary in exchange for promotional consideration, but all opinions are my own*

Our Top 5 Things At Universal Studios Hollywood

1. Universal Studios Hollywood Employees

Boy poses with Universal Studios Hollywood Top 5 things at Universal Studios Hollywood

In the first few minutes we were in the park multiple employees had offered their help. Everyone was so nice! My favorite moment was when I asked my 5-year-old to post for a picture in the middle of the street during low foot traffic. He was giving me fake smiles, so I asked him to act goofy, instead. At the moment I started to take the picture an employee stepped in behind Whit and struck his own goofy pose!

I’m glad we have a picture to remember this funny moment forever!

Throughout the day other employees apologized for sweeping around us, offered to take our picture, and spent extra time talking with Whit and making him laugh. That is the sort of thing that really helps us enjoy the day!

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2. Studio Tour

Universal Studios Hollywood Tour Bus Top 5 things at Universal Studios Hollywood


Since the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park borders the actual Universal Studios filming lot one of their most popular attractions is a Studio Tour. For 60 minutes you board an open bus to see sound studios, special effect demonstrations, and sets from past and ongoing projects.

As someone addicted to IMDb, I have 4 words to describe the Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour: IT WAS SO COOL!

Do it. Do it. DO IT!

3. The Three Broomsticks Restaurant

Family In Front of Three Broomsticks Restaurant Top 5 things at Universal Studios Hollywood

In case you live under a rock, The Three Broomsticks is a popular restaurant in the fictional Harry Potter wizarding town of Hogsmeade. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood uses Hogsmeade as a backdrop, including The Three Broomsticks restaurant.

That’s where we chose to eat as a family. And we loved it.

The restaurant has a big menu of all delicious meals. The meals are reasonably priced and large, and the restaurant moves patrons through the ordering line quickly so you can spend the majority of your lunch break sitting and eating!

4. Sets

View of Universal Studios Hollywood Top 5 things at Universal Studios Hollywood

This isn’t much of a surprise considering it’s in the land of professional movie set designers, but the Universal Studios Hollywood sets are seriously cool! My favorite was Springfield from The Simpsons! We watched that show every week growing up, and it was really cool to walk around the famous landmarks in real life!

We also loved the Parisienne scene leading to the kid’s area. It was unrelated to any movie I recognized, but didn’t feel out of place. The details were incredible, and my son loved seeing French mimes on stilts!

5. The Walking Dead Experience

I hated The Walking Dead Experience. That’s why I’m recommending it.

The Walking Dead Experience is a haunted house, which takes place in the zombie-ridden, abandoned hospital from the show’s first season. And boy was it realistic. The zombie actors were realistic, the hospital was realistic, the humans walking around with weapons were realistic….

I hate getting scared and having unexpected things jump out of me. This experience was so incredibly lifelike that I was actually convinced I was having a heart attack while walking through. If you like the show at all, you MUST go!

BONUS: Our 2 Worst Moments From Universal Studios Hollywood

1. The Mummy Ride

Don’t get me wrong, this is an incredible ride. The only problem with it was that we’ve been to The Mummy ride at Universal Studios Orlando a lot and really love it.

We expected the Universal Studios Hollywood version to be identical, but it’s not. The Hollywood version is thrilling, but I feel like the Orlando version has better turns and better set decor. But that’s just me!

2. The Lower Lot Escalator

Escalator to Lower Lot Top 5 things at Universal Studios Hollywood

It’s impressive how Universal Studios Hollywood makes the most of their available theme park space by building their Lower Lot of additional attractions down the hill. Visitors access this section via a long, glass escalator separated into three long segments.

On one hand it’s pretty cool to see the view of Universal Studios from the angle of the hill, but it’s really just a LOOOOOOOOONG ESCALATOR. The novelty wears off after a the first minute, and kids aren’t allowed to ride in strollers down the escalator which makes the ride harder for parents.

It’s pretty cool, but also sort of frustrating. Consider yourself warned.


Hanging Flowers at Universal Studios Hollywood Top 5 things at Universal Studios Hollywood

If you choose to visit Universal Studios Hollywood on your trip to Southern California you won’t be disappointed!

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