Disney World’s Be Our Guest Restaurant: Worth It!

Disney World’s Be Our Guest Restaurant: Worth It!

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After 25 years of admiring Belle (even her name means ‘Beauty!’), 5 trips to Disney World, and 6 months waiting for reservations, I finally got to eat at Be Our Guest, the restaurant inside the Beast’s Castle in Magic Kingdom.

I can sum up my experience in 5 words: It. Was. Worth. The. Wait.

Getting in to Disney World’s Be Our Guest restaurant was no magic feat; it took months of planning. Be Our Guest is one of the most popular sit-down restaurants among all 4 parks of Disney World. I woke up at 6:00 a.m. EST to call Disney and make a reservation 6 months in advance- literally the earliest opportunity available- because it fills up so quickly.

We spent the day of our reservation in Magic Kingdom, since a park pass to the restaurant’s park is necessary to get in. This worked out perfectly! Magic Kingdom is a full park with lots to do, but it’s easy to pick and choose the attractions that are most important to you and quick to get from one to the other since the park is smaller in size than others in Disney World. We had a few hours before our lunch reservation to run around and have fun, then a nice indoor break, and another few hours afterwards to continue to play.

Arriving at Be Our Guest

Two sisters hug in front of disney worlds be our guest restaurant

We made our way to Be Our Guest in the Fantasyland section of Magic Kingdom 10-15 minutes before our reservation time. There is a kiosk and cast member waiting outside to check you in, which made the process much easier! I told him my name and showed my MagicBand and all was taken care of! He gave me a stack of menus for our party and showed us how to get in to the restaurant. 

We though that checking in for our reservation would lead us straight in, but that’s not the case. There was still a line formed at the door to the restaurant which took another 10 minutes to get through.

There is plenty to keep you occupied while standing in line, at least! For a Beauty and the Beast fan like myself, there is an entire castle in front of you that looks straight of the movie to balk at. We had a ton of fun posing for pics in front of gargoyles and near the mote! Plus, since you’re given the menus before getting in line, you can spend that time deciding which items you want to eat. It’s a good way to get hyped up for the meal before even walking in and  a time saver once you’re inside. Very sneaky, Disney…


After getting into the castle and winding around baroque statues and suits of armor in the “foyer”, you reach a room full of computer stations. A Be Our Guest cast member is at each station, ready to answer any questions and take your order. Our cast member was really knowledgeable and easy to talk to, but didn’t let on to any “off-menu” specialties. Oh well, standard Grey Stuff Cupcake for me, I guess!

Dining Rooms

Be Our Guest boasts three dining rooms: the Ballroom, the Library, and the Rose Room. As you could expect, each room has a unique theme to it.

Be Our Guest Ballroom
The Ballroom

The Ballroom is absolutely gorgeous! It has tall windows bewitched to look like night wit falling stars, a heavenly painted ceiling, chandeliers, and paintings across the walls. It’s the biggest of the three dining spaces, and, as the most iconic and, therefore, most popular room also only has 2- and 4-person tables fit inside. This room would be great if you’re at Be Our Guest with a small group, but isn’t ideal for larger groups.

Be our guest rose room
The Rose Room

The Rose Room looks like the Beast’s West Wing tower. It’s whimsically brooding with purple and crimson coverings. A torn picture of the beast’s human form in on one side, old tapestries on another, and the piece de resistance – The Enchanted Rose- is prominently displayed in all it’s magical glory against a window. Oh my word, I get chills just thinking about how realistic this room was! It’s also the smallest of the three dining rooms, and definitely meant for more personal connections.

Be Our Guest Library Dining Room
The Library

The Library is where we decided to eat. It has more of a comfortable reading room vibe than the book-line walls of the classic Beauty and the Beast library. We chose this room because it’s great for large groups. Tables are placed around the perimeter of the rectangular room with a gorgeous, giant statue of Belle and the Beast in the middle of the room, so you can can talk with your group without feeling like 200 other guests are watching you. The tables even feature couches for seating, which was a great touch!

The Food

grey stuff cupcake at be our guest restaurant

Now this part really was magic.

After placing our order at the computer stations we were invited to look around the dining rooms and choose a seat. We didn’t tell them where we’d be and we weren’t given a table number to place, and yet the servers still found us!!!  After sitting down for a few minutes a wood-enameled food cart with a glass cover was wheeled around to our table, and hot plates of sandwiches and soups were correctly placed before us.

There’s probably a highly technological reason for how they delivered our meals so precisely, but I’m fine just saying it was magic.

Unfortunately, the food didn’t taste as good as expected. From sandwiches to soups to chicken fingers to deserts the only thing we really raved about was the iconic Grey Stuff Cupcake. That thing freakin’ rocked. Like, copycat recipe over here, please!

Don’t get me wrong, it was all perfectly fine, it just didn’t live up to the hype of the rest of the restaurant experience. Luckily you don’t go to a Disney World restaurant for the food!

The Decor

I mean… seriously. We were in a Beauty and the Beast wonderland! As previously described, all three dining rooms plus the foyer were perfectly decorated to reflect every detail of the movie. We took plenty of time before and after eating to wander and take in every nook and cranny, and my sister and I ooh’ed and ahhh’ed over all of it.

My favorite room was the Rose Room. That area of the Beast’s castle seems kind of forgotten in pop culture (aside from the rose, of course), and it felt so nostalgic to be reminded of how incredible and important that room actually. I also love the tapestries strewn through the Rose Room and Library which lent an authentic French feel to the castle decor, and the windows of the Ballroom which looked out to a twinkling night sky.

My favorite single piece from the entire restaurant was a giant stained glass window at the exit of the restaurant which depicts Belle and the Beast dancing, like the one featured in the movie. Talk about walking into a fairy tale! Luckily it is placed in an alcove at the exit, so it’s only noticeable to people leaving. That way it’s not completely crowded by every patron at the same time! We spent a little too long here, but no regrets….

Kids dance in front of the stained glass window at disney worlds be our guest restaurant

The Cost

Our sandwiches were $13.99-$16.99, both huge portions (shareable), and came with a french fries (pomme frites). We honestly couldn’t finish the two sandwich platters we bought!

As mentioned, the desert was the best part. The Master’s Cupcake (the Grey Stuff) is $4.99, as are most deserts, and totally worth it!

The Verdict: Is Disney World’s Be Our Guest Restaurant Worth It? 

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Did you get that?

I had pretty low expectations for a Disney World restaurant after our Princess Breakfast at Akershaus Restaurant in Epcot, but this restaurant was amazing. Beauty and the Beast is the Disney movie I connected to the most as a child, and I truly felt like I was transported to the enchanted castle in a poor, provincial town in France while eating here! The food wasn’t completely overpriced and the restaurant is gorgeous and authentic. Disney World’s Be Our Guest Restaurant: Worth It!

If you have ever been a fan of Beauty and the Beast and are planning a vacation to Disney World you must make a reservation for Be Our Guest restaurant. Like, now. Go!

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