The Best Modern Lounge Dress from Lucky Love Co!

The Best Modern Lounge Dress from Lucky Love Co!

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I first found Lucky Love Co at Swiss Days, an incredible festival in Midway, Utah, with an amazing selection of artists and vendors. I am so glad I stopped in to their booth and walked away with this dress! It’s become my go-to outfit. It can be dressed up or down for special or casual circumstances, it’s super comfortable but stylish, and is wrinkle-resistant so it requires no prep!

Seriously, LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

In this video I show you three ways to wear the Lucky Love Co modern lounge dress, as well as how it looks when out and about. Check it out, and then go to their website to get one of your own! I’m planning to get another!

I wear this dress all the time because it’s so beautiful and comfortable. Every time I wear this dress at least 3 people stop to tell me how much they love it (5 people the last time I wore it!). I’ve never gotten so many compliments on a piece of clothing before!