Going to Lima, Peru, as a family? Here are the top things to do in Miraflores, Lima with kids!

Going to Lima, Peru, as a family? Here are the top things to do in Miraflores, Lima with kids!

Planning to visit Lima with kids? There are tons of thing to do in Miraflores with kids! The whole family will enjoy Lima, Peru with kids and especially all the fun things to do in Miraflores, Peru!


I’ll be honest, we had pretty low expectations for visiting Lima, Peru, with kids. Other families told us not to bother as there weren’t many things to do in Lima.

We took a chance on a trip to Lima, anyway, and were blown away by what to do in Lima! We felt like 5 days in Lima wasn’t enough to truly enjoy all the fun activities, and even wished we had more time in this South American capital.

If you find yourself on a family vacation to Lima, Peru, also, you’ll most likely be staying in the seaside neighborhood of Miraflores. Miraflroes, Lima, Peru, is known as the expat hub of the city based on it’s clean streets, nice hotels, good restaurants, and fun things to do.

That’s right- you won’t be bored for a minute if you’re staying in Miraflores! There are plenty of things to do in Miraflores with kids, too, but we’ll also add our favorite things to do in Lima with kids outside of Miraflroes, as well. If you’ve made it this far you may as well travel around a bit!

Read on for: 

  • Planning your trip to Lima
  • What to do in miraflores with kids,
  • Other top things to do lima with kids,
  • and the best day tours from Lima

Best family hotel in Miraflores, Lima

Before arriving in Miraflores book the best hotel to make sure your family has an easy, fun, vacation!

Top Things to do in Miraflores, Peru, with kids

Wondering what to do in Miraflores with kids? Look no further! After spending a week in Lima with kids we have all the answers on what to do in Miraflores as a family!

1. See the wild cats at Parque John F Kennedy

things to do in lima with kids

Yes, you read that right: There is a public park in Lima full of tame, wild cats! It’s one of the most unusual things to do in Lima with kids, and a must on your Lima bucket list.
At Parque John F. Kennedy you’ll walk around beautiful landscaped gardens, past a historic cathedral, around indigenous women selling souvenirs, and to a modern playground all while being surrounded by cats lounging on the sidewalks and grass. They own this park and are merely letting you visit, but don’t worry- they’ll be nice while you’re in town.
•Wild, tame cats will leave you alone but are fun to watch walk around
•Beautiful cathedral to teach kids about local catholic culture
•Indigenous women selling Keychain, small toys, magnets, etc. As cute souvenirs
•Fun, modern playground inside garden area

2. Try making chocolate at the Choco Museo

things to do in lima with kids

The Choco Museo is a chain of store which is part chocolate museum/ shop/ class. Here you can learn how chocolate is made from bean to bar, sample and buy your favorite Peruvian chocolate goods, and even craft your own specialty chocolates with any number of custom ingredients!
Making your own Peruvian chocolate bars is a great way to learn about and immerse yourself in the local culture. It’s not just for Lima kids, either- all members of your family will love the various types of chocolate and the fun bar making class!
•Make your own chocolate bar with different chocolates and multiple toppings
•Complimentary samples, including cocoa “tea” as you enter the store
•Buy specialty products: maracumango/chocolate jam, white chocolate, coca leaf bars, quinoa chocolate bars

3. Walk through the picturesque Parque de Amor

things to do in lima with kids

The Parque de Amor is the beautiful coastal park full of fun things to do. It features a wide, clean walkway with great views of the ocean. Along the walkway you’ll find huge pieces of artwork, (most notably a couple in the middle of a loving embrace), mosaic-lined benches and pathways, and cute eateries. It’s a great way to relax for the afternoon!
•Get a fresh orange juice or crepe at one of the 4 Beso Frances Creperias
•Watch surfers at the notoriously long Pacific coast waves

4. Go paragliding along the coast

things to do in lima with kids

Peru’s coast is a great spot to gently fly up and down for views of the picturesque city. You’ll find private and group paragliders at the large open grounds in Prque de Amor, where an attendant is standing guard ready to make an appointment for your ride!
•Rides cost around $85/USD for 10 minutes
•Must be 12+. S
The Parque de Amor is still a great place to relax and people watch if your kids are too young to go paragliding! Green space right beside take off area is perfect for running, playing Frisbee, picnics, walking a dog, and more.

5. Go surfing at the beach

things to do in lima with kids

Any surfing buff undoubtedly has the notoriously long Pacific Coast waves of Lima, Peru, on their list of must-surf locations in the world. Even if you aren’t a surfer, though, you can head down to the beach below the city to watch surfers, lay on the sand, take in some sun, or go swimming!


6. Shop at Larcomar Cliffside Mall

Larcomar mall Lima things to do in miraflores with kids lima kids things to do in lima peru

Going to a mall isn’t something I’d normally recommend for a family vacation, but Larcomar is really special. The mall is built into the cliffside underneath the main hotels and commercial district of Miraflores. That’s right- it’s underneath the city with a view of the Pacific coast!

At Larcomar you’ll find amazing restaurants for traditional Peruvian food, familiar international brands, and local souvenir shops. It isn’t too big, so you’ll only need a couple of hours to take in the unique view of the ocean!


7. Ride Lime Scooters around Miraflores

You’ll find Lime scooters at most sidewalk corners around Miraflores. The scooters are able to be individually rented and ridden around the city after you download the app and scan the scooter. Miraflores, Lima is the perfect city to enjoy a ride on the fun scooters- it never rains, the roads are flat, there is organized traffic which gives you ample time to cross streets, and the sidewalks and streets have designated scooter, bike, and running paths.

Though it’s generally safe to ride in Lima, you will have to state you’re over 18 when renting the scooters. This activity isn’t recommended for children younger than teens who are able to responsibly ride on their own.

Even More Great Things to do in Lima with Kids

Now that we’ve shown you what to do in Miraflores, Lima, now it’s time to move on to the larger city. Believe me, Lima kids have it easy! There is so much to do in South America’s only coastal capital that any family vacation to Lima, Peru, with kids will be a blast.

1. Visit the Pre-Inkan ruins in Lima at Huaca Pucllana

Huaca Pucllana Lima ruins things to do in miraflores with kids lima kids things to do in lima peru

You don’t have to travel to Cusco to see historic ruins in Peru! There is a set in the heart of Lima, actually.
Huaca Pucllana is an archeological site in the middle of Lima which features pre-Incan ruins. The site was only recently discovered around 40 years ago, and is still only patially uncovered. A tour of the ruins will teach you about the pre-Incan cultural traditions in Peru, as well as explain their impact on modern life.
•15 soles /adult,  7.5 soles /children (all ticket sales are funded back into the excavation project) 
•Tours in Spanish and English are required for entry and last 1 hr
A tour of Lima’s ruins is included in this top-rated tour of Lima. Book in advance for an easier trip!

2. Tour the catacombs underneath the San Francisco monastery

San Fransisco monstery with underground catacombs things to do in miraflores with kids lima kids things to do in lima peru


Just as you don’t have to go to Cusco to tour ruins in Peru, you don’t have to go to Europe to see catacombs! The San Fransisco monastery, in the heart of Centro Lima, features it’s own set of underground catacombs which were used for hundreds of years in the 16th – 19th centuries.

A tour of the monastery includes rooms used in the daily life of the resident monks, a brief history of the Catholic church in Lima, some impressive artwork, and ends with a somewhat intimidating walk through the underground catacombs, complete with decoratively-arranged original bones.

  • A tour is required for entrance which last 45 minutes. English tours are available through the day.
  • 15/soles adults, 3 soles/ kids

A tour of San Fransisco monastery is included in this top-rated group tour of Lima’s historical center. Book in advance for an easier trip!

3. Walk around the Parque de la Muralla

things to do in lima with kids

The Parque de la Muralla, located next to the San Fransisco monastery in Centro Lima, displays sections of the city’s original wall. The urban park is free to enter and walk around and also offers a playground, garden, miniature train, and other fun things to do in Centro Lima.

  • Walking paths begin just behind the San Fransisco monastery
  • Botanical gardens, bike path, playgrounds, on-site restaurant, and more
  • See the historic wall “la muralla” of Lima

4. Centro Lima Plaza de Armas

The Plaza de Armas (or main historic plaza) in Centro Lima doesn’t offer much to do but is an interesting place to walk around. It’s near the San Fransisco Monastery, so a quick walk in this direction is easy!

You’ll pass the residence of the Peruvian president, complete with armed guards stationed at the gate, for one, which is worth the trip! You’ll also see plenty of examples of beautiful architecture around the square, as well as many reputable restaurants for great traditional food in the historic plaza.

A tour of Centro Lima architecture is included in this top-rated group tour of Lima’s historical center. Book in advance for an easier trip!

5. See the free electricity museum in Barranco

things to do in lima with kids

If your children are anything like mine (or if your husband is at all like mine) they’ll love the free electricity museum in Barranco! One of the best things to do in Barranco with kids, the small museum includes a few rooms and outdoor space dedicated to the early engineers responsible for mondern engineering. Guests are able to see historic engines and other machines in real life, take a stroll through the past few decades of popular gadgets, and learn about the electrical impact of different tools today in an interractive way.
The electric museum only requires up to an hour or so of your time, but is smack in the middle of the Mate musem (amazing museum dedicated to the modern photography of celebrity photographer Mario Testino, but best for adults- kids in Lima could find it boring), Barranco’s main plaza, and the Bridge of Sighs, so it’s a great stop as you walk through the neighborhood!
• See multiple exhibits teaching the founders of modern engineering with hands on replicas of various motors and machines
• Great way to teach kids while allowing them to be interactive
• Free entry
• Takes around 30 minutes

6. Make a wish at the Bridge of Sighs, Barranco

Bridge of Sighs, Barranco Things to do with kids in Lima things to do in miraflores with kids lima kids things to do in lima peru
Holding his breath to make a wish while running across the Bridge of Sighs for the first time
If you’re looking for even more unique things to do in Lima, Peru, with kids you must visit the Bridge of Sighs in Barranco! So named for the hoardes of young lovers who would hang out on the bridge staring into each other’s eyes, legend holds that anyone who can cross the bridge in a single breath upon seeing it for the first time will have a wish granted.
In addition to being a fun, unique experience for kids in Peru (who wouldn’t love the opportunity to make a wish?), the historic Bridge of Sighs is easy to find, leads past an interesting church and on to a great view of the ocean, and overlooks the original pathway fishermen used to get to sea. You get some history, some beauty, and some fun all in one free spot!
• The surrounding area is covered by beautiful street art mural
• Cross the bridge to access the church or a staircase back to Barranco
• To the left of the church is a pathway leading to views of the ocean and a Cafe for hot chocolate

7. Walk around the colorful fountain circuit at Parque de la Reserva

things to do in lima with kids

Parque de la Reserve is a huge park in the center of Lima. For a mere 4 soles entrance you can wander the acres of open space filled with a startling number of unique water fountains. If seeing incredible water displays isn’t enough for you, though, you can also watch them light up and dance to music each night!
A stroll through the fountain park was one of the best htings to do for Lima kids. They’ll get to run around, see a miniature train in action, play in the water, and see some spectacular aquatic engineering. What’s not to love?
• Take a train ride around the many colorful fountains for extra fun
• Entrance is 4 soles/ person,  light show begins nightly at 7:15

Best Lima tours in and around the city

Interested in a fun trip in and around Lima? Maybe a guided Lima tour? There are some fantastic tours from Peru’s capital! 

1. Half day Lima tour of the best historic and modern sites

Lima tours things to do in LIma with kids

This Lima city tour is perfect for people short on time! In just 3.5 hours you will be picked up from your hotel (in designated locations) and taken to some of the top sites of Lima:

  • Overlook of Lima Bay and paragliders from Miraflores
  • Tour Huaca Pucllana, the Lima pre-Inkan ruins (described above) 
  • Main Square of Centro Lima (described above) 
  • Church of Santo Domingo
  • Ends at Larcomar cliffside mall (described above)

These stops are all relatively far from each other, and the savings from individual taxis back and forth will almost cover the cost of your ticket, which includes an English-speaking personal guide! It’s really a no-brainer. This cheap Lima tour is rated 4.3 stars and likely to sell out, so book your seat on their Lima tour bus as soon as possible!

2. Huacachina Peru Oasis

How to get from lima to huacachina by bus

Huacachina is the only oasis in South America! A small village surrounding a lake in the middle of the southern Peru desert, Huacachina is a gorgeous, relaxing escape from Lima. Located 4 hours south of Lima, Huacachina tours from Lima can be done in just one (long) day, allowing you to see the Peru desert oasis as well as other interesting coastal stops along the way.

Follow this guide to find which of the top three Huacachina tours from Lima is right for you and your family!


3. Swim with Pacific sea lions with a tour to Palomino Islands

Palomino Islands tour from Lima

Lima is the only South American capital city on the coast, and you can take full advantage of the warm weather and Pacific Ocean with a day tour from Lima to the Palomino Islands!

Famous for the groups of native sea lions, Humbolt penguins, Guano birds, and other marine species, a tour to the Palomino Islands will teach you about this Pacific habitat and give you the opportunity to swim with the friendly sea lions in a protected area of the Pacific Ocean.

This 4-hour tour begins in La Punta Bay and includes a boat ride past some historic islands off the coast, the opportunity to swim with sea lions, a neoprene wetsuit for comfort, tour of the islands by an English-speaking guide, light snacks and drinks.

This is one of the highest-rated tours from Lima and is likely to sell out, so check for prices and available dates as soon as possible!



things to do in LIma with kids
Walking the streets of Miraflores, Lima


Contrary to reports from other traveling families, we found Lima for kids was great! We spent 3 days in Lima with kids, but even if you only have 2 days in Lima (or 24 or 48 hours in Lima!) you can still find tons of unique, fun things to do.

We hope you enjoy our top activities in Lima with kids, and would love to hear other suggestions on fun things you find to do in Miraflores or Lima, Peru, for kids!


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