Is the Cusco Tourist Ticket Worth it in 2020?

Is the Cusco Tourist Ticket Worth it in 2020?

Visiting Cusco in 2020? Consider buying the Cusco Tourist Ticket! You’ll be surprised how “worth it” the Boleto Turistico del Cusco really is- depending on which Cusco tourist pass you buy, that is. 


Cusco is considered the “Archealogical Capital of South America” due to the plethora of historic Inca sites, cultural museums, and their preservation of indigenous culture. The sheer number of options for things to do in Cusco can be overwhelming, but buying the Cusco Tourist Ticket can definitely help narrow down your options to have the best possible trip to Cusco.

The Cusco Tourist Ticket is a sheet of paper which allows you free entrance to sites and attractions in Cusco and around the Sacred Valley. You can see the best ruins in Cusco and the Sacred Valley, learn about ancient Incan culture at Cusco museums, and even see a performance of traditional indigenous dances with the various Boleto Turistico de Cusco options.

Which ticket you buy and how worth it it become for you depends largely on how much time you can spend in Cusco, Peru.

Read on for the different pass options, where to buy Cusco Tourist Ticket, and which Cusco ruins included in the passes are the best to visit.

Moray Ruins Cusco tourist Ticket Worth It


The 4 Cusco Tourist Ticket options

The value of the tourist pass really depends on which ticket you buy. There are 4 different pass options to see the best ruins in Cusco!

The tourist ticket Cusco comes in a few different varieties, the most popular two options being the full Cusco tourist pass and the Partial Cusco Tourist Ticket.

1. The Full Cusco Tourist Ticket, BTCI (The most popular):

Pros of the full tourist ticket:

  • Includes 10 historical ruins around Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and the South Valley
    1. Saqsaywaman
    2. Q’enqo
    3. Puka Pukara
    4. Tambomachay
    5. Pisac
    6. Ollantaytambo
    7. Moray
    8. Chinchero
    9. Tipon
    10. Pikillaqta
  • Includes entrance to 4 museums and 1 monument in Cusco
    1. Qorikancha Museum
    2. Museum of Art
    3. Museum of Contemporary Art
    4. Museum of Regional History
    5. Monument to Pachacuteq
  • Includes 1 live cultural dance performance
    1. Qosqo Native Art Center
  • Children 8 and under are FREE

Cons of the full tourist ticket:

  • Is only valid for 10 days starting from the date of ticket purchase (Not a problem if you have limited time in Cusco, anyway, but it is nearly impossible to see every site offered on the ticket in that amount of time.) 
  • Is the most expensive option at 130 soles, or $40/ person



2. The Partial Cusco Tourist Ticket, BTCIP (Best if you only have a short time to visit very specific places):

Pros of the Partial Cusco Tourist Ticket:

  • Includes 4 Inca ruins near Cusco: Saqsayhuman, Qenko, Pucapucara, and Tambomachay.
  • Only costs 70 soles, $21/ person
  • Children 8 and under are FREE

Cons of the BTCIP:

  • Only valid for the date of purchase (Perfect for people with limited time to visit ruins in Cusco)
  • Of the four Cusco ruins it offers only 1 is really worth seeing: Saqsayhuman (It’s the truth.)

3. Partial Tourist Ticket: Circuit 2 (Museums and South Valley ruins)

Pros of the Circuit 2 ticket:

  • Includes 8 museums and cultural sites around Cusco
    1. Museum of Contemporary Art
    2. Regional Historical Museum
    3. Popular Art Museum
    4. Qorikancha Museum
    5. Qosqo Native Art Center (dance performance) 
    6. Monument to Pachucuteq
    7. Pikillaqta
    8. Tipon
  • Only costs 70 soles, or $21 USD

Cons of the Circuit 2 ticket:

  • Most of the museums included in the ticket are not very good. They are small, poorly maintained, and don’t teach very much about Incan culture. Instead of buying the ticket you could buy individual entrances to the museums you carefully choose. The sites that are worth it are Tipon ruins and the Qosqo Native Art Center dance performance.


4. Partial Tourist Ticket: Circuit 3 (Archaelogical sites in the Sacred Valley)

Pros of the Circuit 3 ticket:

  • Includes the 4 major Sacred Valley ruins:
    1. Ollantaytambo
    2. Pisac
    3. Chinchero
    4. Moray
  • Only cost 70 soles, or $21 USD

Cons of the Circuit 3 ticket:

  • Only valid for 2 days, including date of purchase


Is the Cusco Tourist Ticket worth it?

Buying the full tourist pass is defintiely worth it if you plan on visiting at least 2 of the many Cusco Inca ruins, as the cost of individual entrances is often 50%-100% of the full tourist ticket cost.

For the ability to see such a variety of Inca ruins in Cusco as well as museums and cultural performances, we really recommend buying the full ticket. The BTCI allows for easy trip planning, as your itinerary is practically designed for you!

The second most worth it Cusco Tourist Ticket is the Circuit 3 option (#4). This ticket covers all the major ruins in Sacred Valley and lasts for 2 days, which is the perfect amount of time to hire a private driver to go to these important, beautiful places.


What you need to know about the Cusco Tourist Tickets: 

There are some limitations to using the Cusco tourist ticket to visit Cusco Peru ruins. These tips will help you make the most of your time in Cusco Peru.

  • No ticket includes entrance to Machu Picchu. For more information on how to see Machu Picchu from Cusco see this article including best day trips and cost.
  • Most Cusco ruins include snack stands at the entrance. There is no need to weigh down your backpack with water or snacks!
  • Not all the archaelogical sites in Cusco are worth visiting. See our list of the top 6 Cusco ruins to visit on your trip.
  • Validity of each ticket begins on the date you purchase it
  • Bring cash, as there are many souvenir stands outside of each Cusco and Sacred Valley ruins site


Other fun things to do on your trip to Peru: 


Planning a trip to Cusco and wondering which ruins are worth it? Pin this article on the Tourist Ticket options for later!