Ceiba Tops Lodge Review: The Most Comfortable Lodge on the Amazon River in Peru, and the Best Family Lodge in Iquitos

Ceiba Tops Lodge Review: The Most Comfortable Lodge on the Amazon River in Peru, and the Best Family Lodge in Iquitos

Explorama’s Ceiba Tops lodg is the premeir Iquitos lodge in the Amazon rainforest in Peru. If you’re planing a family vacation to Iquitos, it is the best choice for kids and others who value comfort and care!


Going to the Amazon jungle in Peru was one of our top prorities on our family trip through South America. We knew we would fly into Iquitos for 3 days on the Amazon river, but couldn’t decide between the many Iquitos jungle lodges available in the region.

After asking for guidance from other past travelers through Peru, one jungle lodge stood out among the recommendations: hotel Ceiba Tops.

Ceiba Tops resort is the flagship location of Explorama’s four jungle lodges, and widely considered the best and most comfortable lodge of any in this section of the Amazon. Featuring wider grounds with more amenities and comforts than neighboring lodges along the river, we found Explorama’s Ceiba Tops to be the best Iquitos lodge for families and others valuing a comfortable experience alongside adventurous excursions.

We booked a 3 days/ 2 night Amazon experience at Ceiba Tops to make the most of our time in the Amazon rainforest, and I’m thrilled with our decision.

Read on to learn the intricacies of a vacation with Explorama’s Ceiba Tops resort, and why it’s the best Iquitos lodge for your kids, as well!

Choosing the best Iquitos Lodge for Families

Boy with Sloth Iquitos Peru Jungle Lodge for Families


The main reason we chose to book our Amazon rainforest vacation at Ceiba Tops was because we were traveling with a child. We knew he would be a more willing and enthusiastic participant in our once-in-a-lifetime jungle excursions with a good night’s sleep on a soft bed every night, but our experience with the lodge went so far beyong comfortable down time.

After seeing many other jungle lodges in Iquitos, I can honestly say that booking an Amazon tour with kids at Ceiba Tops is by far the best thing to do. While more rustic lodges are great for mature guests who enjoy adventure, children need enjoyable down time and at least minimal comforts to be able to recharge and enjoy their surroundings. All of this and so much more is what Ceiba Tops is happy to offer families!

We were given the best experience on the Amazon jungle in Iquitos thanks to Ceiba Tops lodge:

  • We were provided with a local guide with great child skills who had patience and fun in sharing his world with our son
  • A custom itinereary was prepared for us with activities he would enjoy most, and which lended to more educational and fun
  • He was treated to a fun pool, hammocks, walks, and other fun amenities
  • We had healthy, delicious meals during our stay
  • We were taught Explorama’s views on conservation and research in the Amazon


Ceiba Tops Resort Grounds and Rooms:


The Ceiba Tops grounds are comfortable and fun. Here is a snapshot of what they offer visitors:

  • Pool with slide, fountain, toys, and lounge chairs
  • Open-air hammock building
  • Snack and drink bar
  • Delicious restuarant offering 3 buffet meals each day
  • Walking paths


Ceiba Tops rooms Amazon Jungle trek with kids


The room features at Ceiba Tops are generally the main reason the resort is recommended for families staying in the Amazon jungle, though. You will find a variety of room amentities with Ceiba Tops that aren’t available anywhere else:

  • Comfortable beds
  • Private bathroom with constant hot water
  • Air conditioning
  • Sturdy walls with no need for mosquito nets
  • Black-out curtains

As opposed to other lodges along this portion of the Amazon river, Ceiba Tops is the only resort to offer such comforts. Kids and adults, alike, will be able to enjoy a hot shower and comfortable night’s sleep free from bugs and humidity, which makes you even better prepared for the adventures which lay ahead.

With such exceptional offerings you would expect the lodge to feel crowded and and busy at all times. This is hardly the case, as the rooms are arranged to give each family ultimate privacy and dining rooms tables are reserved for each group to ensure there is enough space for everyone.


Meals at Hotel Ceiba Tops:

Ceiba Tops Restaurant Amazon Jungle trek with kids


We chose to stay with Ceiba Tops based on the comfort of the rooms, not the reputation of their food. I had moderately low expectations for meals in the Amazon jungle, as other similarly secluded resort experiences were justifiably more concerned with their excursions than in making the most of the pitiful amount of spices and ingredients available to them.

Ceiba Tops far exceeded these expectations, offering an unexpectedly delicious fish course with every meal supplemented by a fresh salad, vegetarian option, hoardes of fruit, fresh dessert, and cooked vegetables.

I, the slave to a mandatory gluten-free diet, had more than enough delicous options to keep full all day long, and my family, who can normally only stomach a small portion of fish, couldn’t get enough of the tasty river offerings.

Ceiba Tops, though the only lodge with a working oven, isn’t the only one offering exceptional meal to hungry travelers. We had breakfast and lunch at a neighboring Explorama lodge while off on excursions, and even the rustic lodge provided us with mouth-watering meals. We were up for seconds and thirds at every seating!

The meals are served buffet style, and accompanied by all the coffee, tea, and fresh water you need.

Keep in mind that all meals at Ceiba Tops are only available at specific times, with snacks are available in-between meals if you are hungry throughout the day. The effort of excursions can leave you famished, so we suggest bringing light snacks with you if you anticipate needing a boost before the 7:00 pm call to dinner.

Amazon Excursions with Ceiba Tops lodge:

Explorama Ceiba tops best Iquitos resort for families



Most Amazon jungle lodges in Peru offer variations of the same excursions:

  • Fishing for pirhanas with the option to cook and eat your findings
  • Pink and gray dolphin sightings
  • Visit indigenous villages
  • Exotic animal and tropical bird sightings
  • Night jungle trek or boat ride for nocturnal animals
  • Visit indigenous herbalist/ shaman

Ceiba Tops is no different, though their proximity to specific areas makes it a clear choice in where to stay.

Ceiba Tops is located a short distance from pink dolphin mating and birth zones, for instance, so their visit to search for the animals is virtually guaranteed to result in multiple viewings. We saw both pink and grey dolphins two separate times when boating down the river to different excursions!

We were kept busy with at least 3 activities each day of our vacation in the Peruvian jungle. We were guided by the same man, a jungle native, from our arrival at the airport in Iquitos to our drive back to the city, who spoke beautiful English and took the time to teach us about the rainforest, animal inhabitants, conservation efforts, and indigenous people during our stay.

I have no doubt that we wouldn’t have seen and done many of the incredible activities which gave us a deeper insight and appreciation of the Amazon jungle in Peru if we had not stayed with Explorama, who cares so deeply for their surroundings!


The Best Amazon Excursion: A Canopy Walk through the Amazon Jungle

Ceiba Tops Amazon Jungle trek with kids


One of Explorama’s other three lodges is home to South America’s highest and longest canopy walk. Yes, all of South America!

Explorama is one of the biggest advocates for protecting the Amazon Rainforest in Peru. They own extensive land in the Peruvian Amazon jungle, with the goal of protecting as much as possible from illegal deforestation and advancing the understanding of jungle life.

Their canopy walk was built in 1994 for scientific purposes. The rustic lodge nearby was originally home to researchers from all over the world, who stayed at the property for months at a time to study the surrounding wildlife and landscape. The canopy walk, 13 platforms and 12 rope bridges extending to the height of the jungle trees, gave the scientists the best vantage point to calmly and quietly observe the world around them for hours and days at a time.

The canopy walk is now open to visitors outside of the scientific community, and guests at any of Explorama’s four lodges are able to access this canopy walk for unprecedented views of the Amazon rainforest and a thorough history of how Explorama’s resident conservation program has been using the land for research and scientific discovery for the last 30 years.

We woke early for a trip to the Amazon canopy walk, and consider it the best excursion we had during our stay. We all gained a new appreciation for the incredible landscape and world around us!


How to Book your Iquitos Amazon family trek

Explorama Ceiba Tops Lodge Review Best Iquitos Lodge for families

Explorama offers 4 jungle lodges and a hotel in Iquitos. Though Ceiba Tops is their luxury Amazon resort, a different lodge may suit your needs better. Learn more about their other lodges, Iquitos hotel, and excursions any of the following ways:

  • Visit Explorama Lodge’s website for information on all their lodges and pricing
  • E-mail them with any questions on creating a custom itinerary at reservations@explorama.us
  • Call them toll free from USA and Canada at (800) 707-5275



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*Our stay at Ceiba Tops Lodge was provided in exchange for an honest review of our stay, but opinions are our own. Our 3 days with Explorama were some of the best on our entire trip around the world. The experience was amazing from start to finish, and I honestly can’t fathom our trip on the Amazon rainforest in Peru being nearly as great with any other company.*