Chaya B&B: A Mexico City Hotel Oasis

Chaya B&B: A Mexico City Hotel Oasis

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I love traveling. I love going to new places. I love being adventurous and trying new things. I especially love experiencing a new culture from as local a perspective as possible. Usually that involves renting AirBnB’s in local neighborhoods and learning as much as possible from our native hosts. Sometimes, however, that method gets old. After a while you start to resent the lack of space of an apartment you initially thought was cute and smartly designed with everything you need. You begin to realize that enough outlets and sufficient WiFi are as necessary as a bed per person. Making sure you lock the houses’s front gate causes enough anxiety that you find yourself wondering if, in fact, you had while in the middle of a really cool activity (you don’t want to get a bad review!)

Enter the occasional luxury hotel stay.

After a terrible hotel experience in Puerto Vallarta and 2 really good but somewhat lacking AirBnB’s in Mexico City and Teotihuacan, staying at the Chaya B&B & Boutique was just what I needed.

You just don’t know how tired you are as a traveler until you’re brought to a place which takes care of you, allows you to relax, and restores your body. I know that sounds hokey, but it’s true!

Chaya B&B was a little hard to find at first. An Uber took us to the right location, at a small strip of buildings on the edge of a gorgeous park in historic downtown, but finding Chaya B&B in the strip was a challenge. Luckily a doorman saw our confusion and luggage and kindly asked if we were guests at the Chaya B&B. Thank you! He called for a Chaya B&B employee to meet us at the door, who surprised us by shouldering our full luggage up 3 flights of stairs to the rooftop. This is where we were greeted by what I’ve started calling The Oasis.

The Chaya B&B Rooftop Oasis

Cacti Plans on a Wooden Bench Chaya B&B: A Mexico City Oasis


Rooftop Hotel with Hammocks Chaya B&B: A Mexico City Oasis

Cacti and Hammock at Chaya B&B Mexico City Hotel


Boy Sits in Hammock with Camera Chaya B&B: A Mexico City Oasis


Boy Sits at a Table with Cacti Chaya B&B: A Mexico City Oasis

Rows of hammocks stretched in the middle of a circle of beautiful rooms, surrounded by multiple cacti plants and with a view of a nearby Cathedral’s bell tower. More plants hang from the tops of the circle of rooms, and exposed beams hold everything in place. Before even checking in Whit was in a hammock, and I had my camera poised to capture the remarkable serenity in the middle of the bustle of one of the largest cities in the world.

Chaya B&B: By Travelers FOR Travelers

Chaya was designed by travelers for travelers, and it’s so obvious.  It has elements of a friendly, communal hostel but with the luxury and privacy of a top hotel. From the rooms to the landscape everything is designed to be stylish yet comfortable. We were immediately at an elevated ease!

Three common rooms claim one side of the rooftop hotel, including one with a long dining room table and chairs meant for communal breakfast with tea, coffee, water, and utensils available 24/7, another with luxurious chairs and coffee table, and a third meant to be the most stylish home office for wanderers I’ve ever seen. Mexico City travel books, travel magazines, and books in English and Spanish abound. Fresh greenery and thick blankets seep into every other cranny of the hotel, which makes the entire rooftop feel alive, welcoming, and clean.

Bohemian Office With Window Chaya B&B Mexico City Hotel



Bohemian Office with Large Mirror Chaya B&B: A Mexico City Oasis


Dining Room with Large Windows and Wooden Table with Cacti Chaya B&B: A Mexico City Oasis


Chaya B&B will be the happy place I escape to when I need a mental break.

Chaya B&B Guest Rooms 

After walking (and walking, and walking, and walking) all day and spending the New Year’s Eve out, I couldn’t believe my luck as I settled into our room. I’ve been pretty happy with our Mexico City AirBnB’s so far, but I have to admit I didn’t get a full night’s sleep or shower in any of them. Chaya B&B was different. I could’t help but take a long, luxurious shower (my first such experience in over a week) in the large bathroom, reveling in finally feeling both warm and clean. And the bed. Oh my word. The mattress, pillows, and sheets were like sleeping on a cloud. Hokey, I know, but I’m serious. We drew the black-out curtains, used the complimentary ear plugs (it was New Year’s Eve in a fireworks-obsessed country, after all), and just forgot how sore we were.

Hammock and Room Doors at Chaya B&B Mexico City Hotel

White Bed in Mexican Hotel Room Chaya B&B: A Mexico City Oasis

Buenos Dias Slippers Chaya B&B Mexico City Hotel


Chaya B&B Internet Access

One thing that eventually bothered us while staying in other parts of Mexico was the lack of decent cell service or fast internet. One AirBnB didn’t even have outlets near the bed! Yes, I sound like a technologically-spoiled brat, but being able to access the internet and use our devices is paramount to our traveling. Not only are we constantly chronicling our adventures, we also have two other online business to run! We have a drone, two cameras, two phones, two laptops, and a kindle we rely on to make our travels possible. Unfortunately, some parts of Mexico didn’t understand our need to stay connected.

Don’ get me wrong, we see the beauty in unplugging and enjoying the little moments, but it was definitely welcome when we noticed how device-friendly Chaya B&B is!

As I was gushing over the gorgeous rooftop oasis, the first thing Ben commented on was the internet speed! I have to admit, I was impressed to finally have internet fast enough to upload pictures, too. The rooms have plenty of outlets, and the front desk even supplies outlet converters if international guests need them. Aside from Chaya B&B’s internet resources, the cell service is so much stronger in this part of Mexico City. Phew!

Now I’m just torn because I want to lay in a hammock all day, but I need to get a lot of work done that has piled up. Compromise: working in the gorgeous Mexican/ Bohemian office with a view of Alameda park!

Adulting is hard.

Girl Working at a Desk in Bohemian Office Chaya B&B Mexico City Hotel Oasis


Chaya B&B Mexico City Hotel Details: 

Chaya B&B a Mexico City Hotel Oasis

Disclosure: We enjoyed a free stay at Chaya B&B in exchange for promotion, but these opinions are my own.


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