The Countdown Begins

The Countdown Begins

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The Big One  


Today our 5-year-old started Kindergarten. A huge milestone for any parent, this meant something more to me than the fact that my little boy is growing up. To be honest, I LOVE that he’s growing up. He’s more fun than ever because he’s finally at a stage where he can communicate his wants and needs, is willing to try new things without fear, but still listens to and trusts us. He goes to the bathroom by himself, sleeps all night, and can entertain himself when we need him to. Things will only get better once he learns how to read the instructions on his Kindle games. Yep, I’m all for year five.

Kindergarten Can Be Scary 

To me, The First Day of Kindergarten Anxiety has nothing to do with my son, and everything to do with the fact that this is our last school year stateside for a while. We made this school year our  time frame for planning our around-the-world trip, so today marks the beginning of our countdown to lift off!

Excited or Terrified? 

Now that our countdown has begun I have to confront my pretty manic feelings about this adventure. I’ve been so excited that I’ve had to force myself to wait until the school year began to do my research, fearing I’d get over-excited and plan the next 2 years in 3 days and then just sit around in frustration.

I’m equally TERRIFIED of the issues we could face while roaming abroad, and have been in denial that the trip will actually come to fruition.

Well, reality is setting in.

Time to get to work.

311 days until we’re off.

Off… where?

Do I really want to do this?