Accidentally in Love | Week 33 Abroad

Accidentally in Love | Week 33 Abroad

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I found myself incredibly sad to be leaving Sabah, Malaysia, for Singapore. The only reason we spent the last month in Sabah was because flights to Kota Kinabalu were cheap from Hong Kong, but I ended up falling in love with the area. Fueled by a last-minute partnership with Sabah Tourism Board, we were exposed to such a variety of places, animals, and things to do that I hadn’t been prepared for. And it was incredible. All of it was incredible.

Not only was I borderline depressed to be leaving Malaysia, our next few days in Singapore are our last schedule leg in Asia before moving on to more Westernized pastures.

We’ve been in Asia for a long time, and, though much of it has been a near-constant learning curve, I’m recognizing how much I’ve come to love and appreciate this region. And I’ll miss it.

Once we leave Singapore we will be saying goodbye to hearing foreign languages on the street. Goodbye to cheap food stalls. Goodbye to people who stare at us (as foreigners) and obsess over Whit’s blue eyes. Goodbye to seeing jungle and beach a few hours away from each other.



Don’t get me wrong, there is tons we’re looking forward to.

Leaving Asia means leaving trashed streets and beaches, clouds of pollution, death-defying moto drivers, sweltering heat, and chicken that ends up being more bone than meat. At least we think it does.

Even though we didn’t stay in any one country for longer than 2 months, we called this region home for almost a year.

That’s a long time. We got used to all of the bad things and made the most of all of the good things.

I’m really, really going to miss Asia.

Who’d’ve thought?