5 Things to do in Pueblito Paisa, Medellin, with Kids

5 Things to do in Pueblito Paisa, Medellin, with Kids

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Medellin, Colombia, is full of fun things to do as a family. One of the most popular activities is a visit to Pueblito Paisa, a miniature town set on a hill. Puebilto Paisa is beautiful, colorful, and fun for the whole family!


In the middle of Medellin is Pueblito Paisa, a miniature town built atop a hill. Long considered a tourist destination, even locals appreciate this town for it’s incredible views of Medellin, cheap authentic food, and escape from daily life.

We’ve been hearing about Pueblito Paisa since we arrived in Medellin as a family two months ago. It took a few weeks, but we finally made our way up the hill to visit this little town. It was worth the wait!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this “little town.” Luckily it was easy to get to by taxi, and I immediately understood the appeal once we arrived. Our car dropped us off at the beginning of a sidewalk lined with food and souvenir vendors. Once past the shopping stalls, the sidewalk led us to a set of colorful buildings built around an old-fashioned plaza on one side and a staircase leading to a platform with views of Medellin on the other.

For a small hilltop destination, Pueblito Paisa sure does pack in a lot to do!

We spent about 2 hours on our visit, but, had it not been getting dark, we would have stayed longer. If you are making a visit to Medellin and looking for fun things to do with kids, an afternoon at Pueblito Paisa would be perfect!

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Here are the top 5 things to do in Pueblito Paisa the whole family will enjoy

In no particular order… 


1. Take pictures of the colorful Pueblito Paisa buildings

colorful building of pueblito paisa medellin with kids

The buildings which form a semi-circle around the border of Pueblito Paisa are absolutely beautiful. Reminiscent of the colorful storefronts in Guatape, these restaurants and faux chapel feature white walls with brightly colored trim, doors, and accents. The sidewalks leading from one building to another are lined with lamp posts and hanging flower pots for an added touch, and the inner plaza is home to a fountain and charming paving stones.

You’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of the modern, bustling city of Medellin into turn-of-the-century Colombia!

Pull out your camera and walk around for inspiration on some absolutely delicious photo spots to show everyone back home just how beautiful Medellin really is. Kids will especially love seeing so many colors in one spot!


2. Eat and shop with local vendors

food vendor at Pueblito Paisa medellin with kids

At Pueblito Paisa you’ll find everything from sit down restaurants offering a city view to food stalls to vendors selling pre-wrapped candy and snacks for whatever your budget and time allows.

The restaurants inside the colorful buildings don’t boast great reviews, so we opted to order multiple items from various food carts around the open sidewalk. We bought food and drinks from four different places and were happy with all of them!

The food stalls all sell different authentic Colombian dishes. You’ll find arepas, chicharrones, carne and pollo asada, plantains, chorizo, and more. Each stall is competitively priced at 10,00 – 15,000 COP/ plate, which generally includes the main item, a small salad, arepa shell, fried plantain, and those awesome Colombian mini potatoes.

The most popular thing to eat at Pueblita Paisa, however, is corn skewers. Known as helote in some Latin American countries, corn is husked, boiled, and then freshly grilled upon order. A grilled corn skewer with butter and salt costs 5,000 COP in Pueblito Paisa, and is a fun snack to walk around with!

Pueblito Paisa is also home to various souvenir vendors. Here you can get your fill of authentic Colombia purses, candies, keychains, and more. Sure, you’ll also find a few Made in China cheap toys, but, overall, Pueblito Paisa a one-stop shop for food, decor, and shopping.

Our son especially liked haggling with a local vendor for his own Colombia keychain, and playing with the toys and bubble blowers from another!

Interested in a larger version of Pueblito Paisa? Visit Guatape, the best day trip from Medellin!


3. See the view of Medellin from the Puebla Paisa

Across the sidewalk you’ll find a staircase which leads to a viewing platform. The platform gives you stunning views of the valley from the center of Medellin. Considered by many to be the best view in Medellin, the best time to set up a blanket and hang out is at sunset. Watch the day’s final sunlight dance on the various high rises until the sun finally dips behind those gorgeous, green mountains.

You’ll find couples, families, and tourists at the top of the hill hanging out to enjoy the view and take some selfies. To make it a real evening, bring a kite or frisbee and a picnic blanket and buy some local snacks and helote to settle in for some rest and relaxation. Let the kids run around while you sit and people watch. The area is well guarded, so there’s no harm in hanging back a little!


4. Check out the historic Pueblito Paisa statues, both real and fake!

human statue at pueblito paisa medellin

A few statues depicting historical people dot Pueblito Paisa, but our favorite was one which moved from spot to spot. That’s right, Pueblito Paisa is home to it’s own performance actor! You’ll find this man covered in silver paint, realistically portraying yet another historic statue.

His main home is a small platform in the plaza. He stands atop the platform (which comes with a small hole for monetary donations) waiting for visitors interested in a picture. He’ll graciously take pictures with every person in your party, but if you choose to donate a few coins he’ll go one step further: tying a friendship bracelet around your wrist!

We all enjoyed this fun man. What started as a cute thing for our son to watch turned into a sweet experience where he insisted on taking pictures with and giving a friendship bracelet to each member of our family. It was a wonderful interactive experience which really elevated this adorable area and left us with a fun keepsake!

One of the things we love most about living with kids in Medellin is how friendly every single person is, and it was nice to know that the kindness and fun extends to the most touristy part of the city!


5. Walk around Nutibara Hill

Map of pueblito paisa medellin things to do with kids

Pueblo Paisa is built atop Nutibara Hill in the center of Medellin. Cars can take a road straight to the top of Nutibara, or you can be dropped off or picked up on the main road at the bottom of the hill. We suggest taking at least one route by foot, as the footpaths leading up to Pueblito Paisa are really fun!

Enter and exit Pueblito Paisa by a foot path lined with large stones. The path winds up and around the hill, past grassy areas for sitting and trees. Eventually you’ll hit a set of stairs which lead directly to the back entrance of the tiny town. If you’re visiting Pueblito Paisa with kids we recommend taking a taxi to the top of the hill to begin your visit but using the foot path to head back down Nutibara to enjoy the scenery with minimal effort.

It only takes a few minutes to make your way down to the street, but the hill is quaint and peaceful and not to be missed!


view of church in pueblito paisa medellin


Pueblito Paisa is definitely worth the hype for families visiting Medellin. There are plenty of beautiful things to see and fun things to do in this cute little town. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time when you visit, and the entire family will love it!


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