Self-guided Calgary Walking Tour: See the best of Calgary in 2 Hours!

Self-guided Calgary Walking Tour: See the best of Calgary in 2 Hours!

Visiting Calgary? Take this self-guided Calgary walking tour to find all the best things to do in Calgary and Calgary attractions. This Calgary city tour is one of the best things to do in Calgary this weekend or for a unique Calgary date idea! One of the best Calgary sightseeing tours to see Calgary in one day!


Calgary, Alberta, is a more interesting city than people give it credit for. We found a city full of art, interesting architecture, and great food. We made this self-guided Calgary walking tour around downtown Calgary to help everyone see the beautiful things to do in Calgary! Get exposed to public art, Calgary Chinatown, the

Here is our recommended Calgary city tour for sightseeing in Calgary!





Stop 1: The Calgary Tower

View of Downtown Calgary Unique Date Night Ideas Calgary things to do in calgary the obriens abroad family travel

The first thing we always do in a new city is try to get an understanding of where we are. This means seeking out a viewing platform or city tour. There are lots of fun tours around Calgary, but I’m glad we chose the viewing route and made our first stop on the Calgary walking tour one of the top Calgary attractions, the Calgary Tower.

The Calgary Tower was a surprisingly fun place to visit. I was afraid it would be too touristy, but it wasn’t crowded at all! Not only that, but I feel like it has the rare quality of actually deserving it’s touristy trademark. The Calgary Tower is seriously cool! Yes, you get the standard 360-degree view of the city (which is legitimately beautiful thanks to the interesting feature of the Bow River along one side) but you also get quite the thrill. As soon as you head off of the elevator you’re met with a Plexiglas floor that makes you feel as if you’re about to plummet into downtown traffic. It’s terrifying and oh-so-fun!


Stop 2: Olympic Plaza

Olympic Park Calgary things to do in calgary downtown walking tour calgary walking guide where to go in calgary the obriens abroad family travel

The Calgary Tower is conveniently located in a great pocket downtown! Heading East from the Tower you’ll soon run into Olympic Plaza. Olympic Plaza was a venue at the 1988 Olympic games hosted by Calgary, and has been re-purposed to serve the city. How cool is that?

Olympic Plaza now features an incredible water installation, public art, and cafe tables.

The fountain is breathtaking, but our favorite part is a low brick wall with brightly-colored beavers sticking out from missing bricks. At least I think they’re beavers.

I mean, Why, Calgary? It’s just too weird not to love.


Stop 3: East Village Junction

east village junction calgary painted shipping containers pop up shops things to do in calgary where to go in calgary downtown calgary walking tour instagram spots calgary instagram calgary intagrammable calgary the obriens abroad family travel

Head northeast from Olympic Park a couple of blocks to 8 Ave SE and 4 St. SE.

At this corner you’ll find one of the most unique stops on this Calgary city tour and a great example of what Calgary is good at: Re-purposing something into a beautiful, expressive way to bring the community together and support local businesses.

Here is a small commerce park you’re bound to love! Shipping containers have been painted and turned pop-up shop for local entrepreneurs. The containers line the perimeter of an outdoor seating area. A stage at one end completes the scene, making it the perfect spot to hang out and people watch, shop, or just be entertained.

This is one of the most popular Instagram stops in Calgary, so be prepared to find fashion and travel influencers craning for the perfect selfie. Go ahead and take one, yourself- it’s a beautiful spot!

Note: Keep an eye on the city website for the stage schedule. Shops only open on the weekend, but the seating area is available week-long. 

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Stop 4: The 4th St. Bridge

fourth street bridge calgary things to do in calgary wall art wall mural calgary where to go in calgary instagarm calagary instagrammable calgary the obriens abroad family travel

Since you’re basically already there….

Walk down 4th st. for a block to a bridge. This overpass bridge has a walking path that leads you to Victoria Park. You should keep going to see the park, but this bridge is what we found really special.

In 2018 artist Michelle Hoogveld has painted the corridor with colorful blocks and patterns. Called “Corridor of Correction”, it’s definitely not to be missed!

This is another popular Instagram stop. Come and get your picture taken soon before the wall paint wears away!

Stop 5: Catch Some Downtown Public Art

Make your way west back to Olympic Plaza.

There you’ll find tons of public art to enjoy! One thing I deeply appreciated about downtown Calgary is it’s dedication to the arts. In fact, 1% of the city’s annual budget is committed to a yearly art project! One percent may not sound like much, but it definitely adds up.

Keep the 1% rule in mind when walking around the city and you’ll soon notice beautiful statues, wall murals, water features, etc. everywhere.

If you’re on the public art scavenger hunt (like me) look out for stunning pieces scattered down 7th avenue. There are a few pieces actually on 7th Ave, but many are just above or below it. Follow this handy map of permanent and temporary art installations along 7th Ave for precise locations, or just play Where’s Waldo: Calgary Public Art Edition on your own.

Note: The most dense area to look for public art is the east side of downtown, where you conveniently are when visiting Olympic Park. Stick to the streets in this neighborhood to see some incredible pieces if you aren’t interested in walking through downtown. 

Our Favorite Downtown Calgary Art:

Just in case you feel like skipping around, here are our top public art pieces not to miss on your downtown Calgary walking tour!

1. Women are Persons!

women are persons! famous five women statue calgary things to do in calgary where to go in calgary downtown calgary walking guide the obriens abroad family travel

This piece is a square of 5 towering statues: all women in different everyday positions. It represents the Famous Five; a group of women who worked tirelessly to bring equality to women in Canada in the early 20th century.

I love Women are Persons! because it’s a stunning, overwhelming piece and also quite meaningful.  I hadn’t heard of the Famous Five before coming to Calgary, but learning their story and seeing how Calgary has embraced their power makes me love it even more.

Located at 8th Ave and 1st St. SE

2. Conversation

I love the simplicity of Conversation. I also find it quite entertaining. Something about seeing the (to me) heated debate between two businessmen immortalized is just ridiculous, in an awesome sort of way that I’m really glad people have access to.

Located at 8th Avenue and 1st St. SW

3. Wonderland

wonderland statue calgary things to do in calgary where to go in calgary downtown calgary walking tour the obriens abroad family travel


This one is my favorite in downtown Calgary. You don’t have to be an art historian to recognize the obvious contrasts between this piece and it’s surrounding. It’s the head of a young girl, shaped by a white metal frame. The piece is set in the middle of the business district downtown. It’s color, transparency, and innocence appears to be a statement on the contrasting values of society. She reminds us that people, youth, are watching. We must protect and care for them in all that we do which, in turn, keeps our own values strong.

At least that’s what I think.

Also, it’s just really pretty.

Located at Center St and 6th Ave 

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Stop 6: Downtown Calgary’s China Town

chinatown calgary china town downtown calgary walking guide things to do in calgary where to go in calgary the obriens abroad family travel

Get back to Center St (where the Calgary Tower is) and follow it to the Center St. Bridge to head into Calgary’s China Town.

No Calgary sightseeing tour would be complete without a stop to Calgary Chinatown.

The sidewalk of Center St. turns into a charming walking path down one of Calgary’s many decorative bridges, Center St. Bridge. Center St. Bridge’s walking path features a large stone archway with a decorative Lion on top, marking your entrance and exit to China Town. This is one of the most popular Instagram stops, in case you’re interested!

China Town isn’t a huge district, but it’s fun and cultural. Center St. and the roads that shoot off of it are full of Chinese restaurants, shops, and artwork. Meander through to find some unique places in Calgary!


Stop 7: Walk Down the Bow River

walking the bow river calgary things to do in calgary where to go in calgary downtown calgary walking guide the obriens abroad family travel

The northern end of Calgary is full of unique bridges and walking paths that line the Bow River. Take the Center St. Bridge back across the river and walk west along the nature path to get some incredible views of downtown against the water.

The walking path down the Bow River will take you past some unexpected parcels of nature in the middle of town. Prince’s Island Park (in the middle of the Bow River) is a popular destination for walking, picnics, and biking.

Keep your eyes open while walking (or biking or running or whatever) for wildlife on the river. We saw a brand new baby goslings, flocks of Canadian (or Local, I guess?) Geese taking off and landing, and … drum roll, please… BEAVERS!

Neither Ben or I had ever seen beavers in person. It felt fitting that our first time was in Canada! We’ve seen beavers grace local business logos, eaten the popular pastry, Beavertails, seen their handiwork, and heard of their fame and were excited to finally see them in person. They’re big!

We followed a set of beavers up and down a section of the Bow River as they collected sticks. It was so fun to watch them navigate quickly in the water and then waddle their fat little bodies once on land. Hehehe!

Stop 8: The Peace Bridge

bow river calgary peace bridge things to do in calgary where to go in calgary downtown calgary walking tour the obriens abroad family travel

At the other end of the walking path you’ll find our favorite bridge in downtown Calgary, the Peace Bridge. Known to locals as the Chinese Finger Trap Bridge (for obvious reasons) it feels like a piece of functional art. Come back at night to see the bridge lit up!


Stop 9: Shop 4th Street

Fourth street calgary mission district things to do in calgary where to go in calgary downtown calgary walking guide the obriens abroad family travel

Cross the Peace Bridge through Eau Claire Park and walk 4 blocks to 4th Street.

4th St. is the perfect place to complete your walking tour. Wander down this road to find incredible restaurants and shops to end your day!

There’s more public art, wall murals, and a small decorative park on this street so it’s a great way to combine all of the wonderful things you’ve seen from individual places.


Calgary is a beautiful, fun city full of quirky and fun things to do. We hope this Calgary walking tour helps you fall in love with Calgary! Consider taking other Caglary tours to find even more to love about this Alberta town. You’ll love exploring downtown Calgary in one day, but I hope you have enough time to visit for longer!


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*This article was sponsored by Tourism Calgary and participating businesses. All opinions are my own.*