A Beautiful Week at the Sundial Whistler

A Beautiful Week at the Sundial Whistler

If you’re spending a family vacation in Whistler or visiting Whistler Bike Park or Ski Resort you’ll want to stay at the Sundial Boutique Hotel! It’s definitely one of the best Whistler accommodations!


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The Sundial Boutique Hotel in Whistler, Canada may be the best hotel we’ve ever used. I’m a travel professional who has stayed in different accommodations around the world, and let me prove to you why I loved Sundial Whistler so much!


About the Sundial Boutique Hotel

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Located at one end of Whistler Village Stroll, the Sundial Boutique Hotel is known as one of the best Whistler hotels.

The Sundial has 8 floors with 49 guest suites. One- and two-bedroom suites come furnished with a full kitchen, working fireplace, TVs, and luxurious amenities with comfortable, modern accents.

It’s the perfect hotel to feel both relaxed and energized- helping you make the most of your experience in Whistler!

Here’s a bit about why we loved the Sundial Boutique Hotel so much…


The Sundial Whistler Understands Athletes

The Sundial Whistler is the perfect hotel for athletes. Whistler boasts world-class skiing and snowboarding in winter, and the famous Whistler Bike Park and rock climbing in summer. Athletes are drawn to the area in all seasons, and the Sundial Hotel knows how to accommodate them better than anyone.

Free Bike Rental

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First of all, all rooms booked are given a free hour of a local bike rental, which is the best way to explore the Whistler Bike Park! You don’t have to be an athlete to stay here, but if you’re at all curious about the world-famous mountain biking this is the best way to explore it!

Not only does Sundial Whistler provide you with a bike, their TV is also equipped to watch a live feed of the Whistler Bike Park! It’s a great feature if you plan on going on the trails, or fun to watch if you like people watching!


Free GoPro & Selfie Stick Rental

All rooms are able to borrow a brand-new GoPro and selfie stick. We came to the Sundial Boutique Hotel with our own GoPro and selfie stick, but the Sundial’s was better so we chose to use theirs during our stay, instead. IT IS AWESOME!

We were able to check the GoPro camera placement through an app to get the best angles, and the selfie stick is really strong and was able to stay stable at it’s longest extension through an open RZR drive and a windy chair lift. You’ll love the versatility of the GoPro and the adventure shots you’re able to come home with!


Valet Bike Check

Whenever you’re not using your bike or other athletic gear it is valet-checked for worry-free storage. Bring it to the valet to take care of, and then just call down from your room a few minutes before you’re ready to head to Whistler Mountain and your bike will be waiting for you!


Access to Local Adventure Tours

treetrek whistler ziptrek whistler things to do in whistler this summer whistler summertime

The Sundial Boutique Hotel is within eyesight of the Whistler Bike Park or Whistler Blackcomb ski lifts. It’s definitely the easiest hotel to access those amazing trails!

In case you’re not in Whistler just for the Whistler Blackcomb bike or ski activities, you have easy access to other Whistler adventure tours from the lobby of Sundial’s sister hotel, the Carelton Lodge. The Carleton Lodge lobby is just feet from the Sundia’s entrance. From there you can book canoe, zip line, ATV, and other incredible outdoor sports tours from a number of different adventure agencies. All are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable to help you get the most out of your Whistler vacation!

Sundial Whistler Amenities Helps You Relax

You know what they say: Play hard, relax hard. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, it’s a thing.

Not only does the Sundial Whistler make your adventures as easy as possible, they also want you to recoup as well as possible.


Private Hot Tub

Sundial boutique hotel whistler hotels where to stay in whistler family vacation whistler the obriens abroad family travel

If you want the ultimate relaxation experience you must reserve a room on the top floor. Those lucky residents are given a huge balcony which includes a private tub!

The hot tubs overlook Whistler Village and the Whistler Bike Park, which is a great way to combine your love of the outdoors with your body’s need to relax. A hot tub maintenance employee checks on the chemical levels and overall performance of the hot tubs daily, so they are always hot and ready to jump into.

Soothing Lobby

I know this sounds dumb, but the peacefulness of the lobby really struck me.

As soon as we’d handed our bike or car off to the valet and entered the lobby our cares melted away. We were greeted with low lights, a variety of comfortable seating options, a table of apples, water, and lemonade, and warm staff always asking how our day was going. It was like walking into your best friend’s house. I even spent an evening in the lobby, lemonade in hand, to work on my computer because it was such a welcoming atmosphere.


Aveda Bath Products and Heated Floors

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A decent bathroom is on my list of 5 things any hotel of mine has to have. I demand a bathtub and good shower products. The Sundial Whistler delivered on those points and more!

The tiled floor of the Sundial Whistler is heated, and a temperature dial provided. Oh, Heated Floors, where have you been all my life? I don’t care if you’re there in summer or winter, warm floors hitting your feet as soon as you step out of the shower is always a good thing.

The Aveda bath products smelled amazing and even included a jar of bath salts. The tub also had a separate curtain outside of the tub, so you can pull the curtain and use your bath salts for a relaxing, private bath. I love taking a bath at hotels, but I’ve never seen one make it so easy!


Pillow Concierge

Have you ever heard of a pillow concierge? Yeah, me either.

On the nightstand beside the bed are complimentary earplugs and a list of their pillow availability. You can custom order a special pillow! Choose from different sizes and thicknesses to ensure the best night sleep.

I love that this service is offered, but it’s not one we took advantage of. I found the pillowtop mattress, soft pillow, and thick blanket to be the perfect combination. I usually have trouble sleeping in hotels due to any one of those elements being off, but I’m so happy to say I had the best hotel sleep of my life at the Sundial Boutique Hotel.


Smart TV Phone Mirroring

Not only do the Sundial Whistler’s rooms come equipped with TVs and cable, they also have cords available to mirror from your phone! We used this cool feature to show our son any pictures or videos we had taken during the day. It helped us feel even more in tune with our family vacation, and helped us grow closer as a family!

If you’re more in the mood to just relax with your favorite Netflix show or movie the TVs can do that, too!

Sundial Boutique Hotel’s Staff

The Sundial Boutique Hotel Sundial Whistler Whistler Hotel where to stay in whistler canada whistler family vacation the obriens abroad family travel

I almost never take hotel staff into consideration when deciding how much I like the place because they never seem to make an impact on our stay. Not true at the Sundial!

When you travel full-time you are always looking for opportunities to connect with people. We don’t have any of our friends or family with us, after all! The Sundial Whistler is the first time I immediately felt like friends with the staff.

Justin seemed to  always be at the front desk when we came through, and we would greet each other warmly and talk about our plans for the day. I asked him his opinion on food or activities, and he really seemed to focus on the best answer for us. I really appreciate that kind of care and attention!

The other employee we saw every day was the valet, Peter. Peter had a great attitude and was always up for a conversation when we were just walking in and out. I heard some great stories about the inner workings of Whistler from Peter, which made me appreciate the area even more!

They weren’t all just great with me, everyone was also very patient and nice to my son. At 5 years old he tends to think the world revolves around him (it usually does, to be honest), but the staff were so good to him! He would tell them when the lobby lemonade was running low or tell them about what activity he had just done and they always gave him their attention. One evening we were interested in a date night and even considered asking someone to watch Whit in our hotel room because they were all so good with him! Don’t worry, we never acted on the impulse.

Sundial Whistler’s Location

Whistler Village Stroll

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I’ve already mentioned their proximity to Whistler Blackcomb mountain as a major boon, but the Sundial Boutique Hotel is also located at the end of the Whistler Village Stroll.

Leave your car with the valet during your stay, because everything you need will be within walking distance!

Whistler Village is a walking zone, and the Stroll is the main walking road. Steps from the Sundial Hotel you’ll find athletic and lifestyle shops to buy items you might have left behind or simply to souvenir shop. You’ll also find a movie theater, pharmacy, grocery store, bank, and restaurants. Oooooh the restaurants! 

Even if you’re not in the mood to visit any establishments, just walk down the Whistler Village Stroll to people watch or to feel a part of the community. Everyone there is visiting Whistler because they have an authentic love for the outdoors, and there’s a beautiful energy in town that comes with that.


Sundial Whistler’s Restaurants

Yes, you can find incredible food just outside of the hotel on the Whistler Village Stroll, but you honestly don’t have to leave the hotel to eat like a royal.


The Mexican Corner

Mexican Corner Whistler Restaurants Sundial Hotel Whistler things to do in whistler in the summer whistler summer activities the obriens abroad family travel

The Sundial Boutique Hotel’s main restaurant is The Mexican Corner. It’s a beautiful Mexican restaurant accessible from the second floor of the hotel or by a set of stairs from Whistler Village. The Mexican Corner features Mexican classics with a modern twist, and comfortable, authentic Mexican decor.

We enjoyed a chef’s tasting of a variety of menu items and loved them all! We could tell there are terrific chefs working behind the scenes here. We recommend the Tacos Al Pastor, guacamole with fresh tortilla chips, anything with tuna, and desert. We tried chocolate tres leches cake, fresh churros, and homemade dulce de leche ice cream  and couldn’t pick a favorite!

The Mexican Corner is the perfect place to relax with good food and a drink after a long day on Whistler Blackcomb!


Black’s Restaurant and Pub

This is your best bet if you’re in the mood for a more traditional Western meal. With a variety of menu options ranging from Bison ribs to pizza to sweet potato fries everyone in the family can be happy at Black’s Restaurant and Pub!

Enjoy live entertainment on Saturday evenings after 9:00 pm, or open mic night on Wednesdays!


Sushi Village

If you’re a fan of Japanese you have to stop in to Sushi Village. Offering 65 different types of sushi, Sushi Village also features seasonal salads, traditional soup, Teriyaki items, chicken, hot pots, and even gluten-free options!

Sushi Village can even accommodate large groups, so this would be a great choice if you’re in Whistler for a family reunion!


Family Vacation at Sundial Boutique Hotel 

We had so much fun on our family vacation to Whistler staying at the Sundial Hotel!

The staff were friendly with my son and played along any time he wanted to talk about robots or asked for extra lemonade. He would always stop for an apple when walking through the lobby, and more than once we had to urge him up from the comfy chairs.

He absolutely loved our room, too! He jumped on the bed, loved looking at our view of the Whistler Bike Park, and I had to drag him off the heated bathroom floors. He was especially excited about our private hot tub. He would don the child-size bathrobe we were given and ninja walk his way to the jets.

By the time we left Whit was already asking when we could go back!


**Visit The Sundial Boutique Hotel Here to book your own Whistler hotel room!**


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Planning a family vacation to Whistler? Going to the Whistler Bike Park or skiing Whistler Blackcomb? If you're looking for a Whistler hotel you'll love the Sundial Boutique hotel! It's the best Whistler hotel for athletes and their families!


We hope you have a great stay in Whistler and can love it as much as we did!