Yoga, Sun, and Swimming at Relax Bali Resort

Yoga, Sun, and Swimming at Relax Bali Resort

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Planning a vacation to Bali and looking for a great resort stay? Relax Bali Resort is a beautiful, affordable option on Bali’s north coast! 


We arrived in Bali at 6:00 p.m. on a non-stop flight from New Zealand. It took an hour to get through the Denpasar airport with Bali SIM card and local money in hand, and then another 3 hours for our hired driver to take us to Kubu, on Bali’s north coast.

By the time we arrived at Relax Bali Resort, our home of the next four days, it felt like 2:00 a.m. and we were exhausted. A resort employee took our bags and showed us our room without even checking us in, understanding that the long day of travel had left us incapable of doing anything but dropping dead.

Bali Family Resorts Relax Resort Bali

I had just enough energy to notice how beautiful the room was while brushing my teeth. Tropical flowers covered the bed, teak furniture complimented the beachy decor, and bath and pool towels were rolled nicely in a corner. I fell asleep knowing I’d wake up with the proper enthusiasm to begin our Bali family vacation.


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Relax Bali Resort Rooms

Relax Bali Resort is a gorgeous compound on the north coast of Bali. It features three types of rooms based on personal preference and cost, each offering access to the incredible resort grounds and amenities. 

View of Deluxe Bungalow and private porch

The Monkey Bungalows

The Monkey Bungalows are the economy set of rooms at Relax Bali Resort. Each attached unit includes a mini bar, fridge, full bathroom, A/C, choice of twin or King bed, wifi, clean drinking water, and access to a pool and lounge chairs right outside the door.

While these rooms can get noisy based on proximity to other guests, the price tag can’t be beat. At around $90/ night, the Monkey Bungalows are perfect for people who don’t plan to spend all day in their room. If you want to swim at the pool, take advantage of the resort’s sporting equipment, or spend some time on a day trip to the nearby temples or scuba sites then a night at the Monkey Bungalows is a great choice to maximize your time and budget in Bali.


Deluxe Bungalows

The Relax Bali Resort is broken into three connecting sections, and you’ll find the Deluxe Bungalows in the middle of the grounds. This also happens to be where the majority of the action happens- you’ll find the resort’s restaurant, main pool, spa, and scuba diving center nearby.

The Deluxe Bungalow rooms are stand alone rooms toward the outside of the middle court. These rooms feature a variety of bed formations, a private bathroom with detached toilet and shower area, a private deck with chairs, and small courtyard between units. If you are looking to be in the middle of the action but with enough space to feel private then you’ll love the Deluxe Bungalows!


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Tropical Villas

The three words used to describe these rooms: To. Die. For. If you want the luxury experience Bali is known for the look no further- you found it.

Private Pool at this Bali Family Villas at Relax Bali Resort in Kubu, Bali
Private pool and courtyard at Tropical Villa

Located a short walk down a tree-lined sidewalk, the set of tropical villas at Relax Bali Resort is to the right of the main area. These private villas are mini-homes right on the property. They feature a large, open living room and kitchen and separate bathroom and walk-in closet. Even more stunning than the opulence of the rooms, however, are the grounds. Each villas has a private pool, yard, beach view, and deck with lounge chairs. The rooms sleep a large number of people, as well, which makes the price worth it.


Resort Amenities

While you may not want to leave the pool or sun chairs, Relax Bali Resort does offer lots of activities for those who want to marry the luxury experience with active adventure

Bali Family Resort at Relax Bali Resort in Kubu, Bali

Relax Bali Resort Spa

The resort spa is amazing. Two professional masseurs are available for a variety of procedures, including foot and leg massage, full body massage, hair and nail treatments, body wraps, etc.

I visited the resort spa twice during our four day stay for a full body massage with body wrap and a foot and leg massage. Both treatments felt incredible, and I left feeling truly rejuvenated. The masseuse was professional and kind, with great technique and attention to detail. I felt so pampered in the comfortable massage rooms as a light Balinese breeze wafted over my body and left a different person (mentally, anyway) than when I entered. At only $27 for a 2-hour procedure, massage is cheaper than therapy!


Water Equipment and Sporting Grounds

The main reason most of us visit Bali is to rest and relax, but the resort offers plenty of activities to keep you busy. A badminton court and playground are on site, a variety of balls can be checked out for use in a game room, and they offer snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding equipment for those who want some time on the ocean.

We used all of the water equipment and played badminton while staying at Relax Bali, and it felt wonderful! We loved having the luxurious pools and sun chairs around, and being able to take a break from lounging in the sun for a few minutes of active time helped us appreciate the down time even more. It was a great combination!


Sunset Yoga Class

In addition to other fitness classes, guests are able to sign up for one of the iconic Bali staples: sunset yoga on the beach.

Bali Sunset Yoga Class at Relax Bali Resort in Kubu Bali
Relax Bali Resort sunset yoga class

A special fitness pavilion on the edge of the property offers an ocean view while a seasoned yoga instructor leads you in correct breathing and meditative maneuvers. Join other guests in stretching and balancing your body to relax and harness your inner energy. Sunset yoga in Bali is popular for a reason! It’s a great way to be able to leave the stress of your daily life behind and focus on being present in the moment.


On-site Restaurant

An on-site restaurant is available for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and snacks throughout the day. Menu options include varieties of eggs, sausage, Balinese favorites, and some European items.

Traditional breakfast at Relax Bali Resort in Kubu, Bali
Breakfast spread at Relax Bali Resort

The service is fast, friendly, and the view can’t be beat!


Organized Day Trips

Relax Resort Bali offers plenty to keep you occupied on-site, but if you want to take advantage of the beautiful and cultural places to see nearby they offer day trips to a number of desired destinations.

Taman Ujung Water Palace Bali Relax Bali Resort day trip
Day trip to Taman Ujung Water Palace

You’ll get a resort tour upon check-in, where a staff member will pull out a map of the island and point out the three main day trips they offer. You can choose to go to the iconic temples of the east coast, beautiful waterfalls, or a sunrise trek up Bali’s tallest peak. If these basic options don’t work for you, Relax Bali Resort is also able to organize longer trips or cater a day trip to your specific wants- just let them know!


Tulamben Scuba Diving

The reason we wanted to stay on Bali’s north coast was primarily to access the world-class scuba diving around Tulamben. That’s what my husband wanted, I should say. I wanted a beautiful place to relax. We found both at Relax Resort Bali! If you’re looking for a resort near the Bali north coast scuba diving and snorkeling look no further. 


USAT Liberty diving and snorkeling Tulamben Bali Relax Bali Resort
Diving at USAT Liberty ship wreck in Tulamben, Bali

The shores around Bali’s north coast are full of incredible things to see just under the water. You’ll find active coral reefs, diverse marine life, and even a WWII ship wreck. That’s right, 10 minutes away from Relax Resort Bali you’ll find the USAT Liberty, a war ship torpedoed by the Japanese in 1942. She beached on the coast in Tulamben, but was shaken back into the water two decades later when Mt. Agung erupted in 1963. The USAT Liberty now rests just off the coast; a mere 10-20 meters from the water’s surface.

Based on it’s close proximity to the coast and the water’s famous visibility, the USAT Liberty is considered one of the best scuba diving and snorkeling spots in the world. My husband loves scuba diving and our son and I love snorkeling, so a day trip to see the Liberty in person was a must-do while in Bali. Relax Resort Bali offers a range of diving services from beginner scuba classes to excursions to advanced diving certification, which made them the perfect hosts to Liberty up close and personal.

Relax Bali outfitted us with perfect wetsuits, masks, fins, and tanks before driving out to the dive grounds. We stayed down for long enough to get a great sense of the ship and see the incredible coral and marine life which now calls Liberty home, all while staying safe and comfortable.

Not only did we dive at Liberty, we went on an additional reef dive, as well. Both dives were handled well and accompanied by friendly, knowledgeable dive instructors.

I’d definitely recommend using the Relax Bali Resort diving services for a scuba trip in the area, even if you aren’t staying in the resort!

Bali Family Resort

Looking for a Bali family resort for your vacation? We were, too. 

Bali Family Resort Relax Bali Resort Kubu, Bali
Relax Bali Resort’s infinity pool

Badminton and Playground

Two young boys live with the property owner on site, and were happy to play with our son anytime. They swam together, ran around, and even taught him how to play badminton. He had a great time kicking a soccer ball with them and meeting them at the resort’s playground.

As mentioned above, the resort also offers a variety of balls to check out for use in a game room which children have access to.

Resort Pools and Tree Houses

Our son loved the Relax Bali Resort pools (yes, plural) so much! He had a great time swimming while I relaxed on the lounge chairs in the sun right beside him. I was able to watch him have fun and stay safe but have some me time, too.

Bali Family Resort Inifinity Pool Relax Bali Resort Kubu Bali
Main infinity pool at Relax Bali Resort

There are two pools available to any guests on the grounds. One in the Monkey Bungalow section, another the infinity pool in the main section beside the restaurant. It’s easy to walk from room to pool, and from breakfast to pool!

Our son also loved to lounge on one of the many treehouse-style lounge stations. A few raised, padded lounges dot the grounds with fans, outlets, and cushions. He would hang out in one near our room for hours with his stuffed animals, pretending they were pirates crossing the ocean in front of him. I love that the resort had such private places where he was free to be himself and play!



Child-friendly Staff

The Relax Bali Resort staff were incredibly kind and patient with our son. He was excited to meet as many people as possible, and they all seemed happy to give him attention. The staff speak great English, and listened to his endless stories with interest.

Some of our best experiences as a family-friendly resort were at the spa. Our son got a full body massage while his Dad and I got foot and leg massages. They treated him to a rose water foot bath before gently asking him to lay down. Soon we could hear him chatting and laughing with his masseuse during our sessions.


Relax Bali Resort was a beautiful, peaceful center. We loved our stay there, and I have to admit that four days wasn’t long enough to enjoy everything they have to offer. If you are considering a Bali family resort near the north coast with easy access to scuba diving and snorkeling you will love Relax Bali Resort!


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The best family resort on Bali's north coast for diving and snorkeling in Bali! Enjoy yoga, sunsets, and massages at this Bali Family Resort


Our Bali family resort room at Relax Bali Resort was provided in exchange for an honest review. We very sincerely loved our stay here, and ended up spending our own money on all of the meals, spa treatments, yoga class, and excursions we recommended.