Top Things to do in Page, AZ + Restaurants & Hotels

Top Things to do in Page, AZ + Restaurants & Hotels

Planning a family vacation to Arizona? If you’re hoping to see Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, or the Colorado River then you’ll most likely be passing through Page AZ. Here’s our top list of things to do in Page, Arizona!


We recently spent two weeks driving through Utah to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. We love outdoor activities and beautiful scenery, so making a trip to the Grand Canyon seemed perfect. But when my husband asked what stops we should make on the way I was clueless.

Northern Arizona? Is there anything worth seeing there?

The answer is a resounding YES. In fact, Page AZ, quickly became one of my favorite small towns in America. Page is a small town in northern Arizona barely across the border from Utah. In fact, many of the best natural wonders in Page cross into Utah, as well (the Colorado River and Glen Canyon, for example). Page AZ is a great stop for anyone making the drive into the Grand Canyon, as it has enough restaurants, hotels, and things to do to make for a fun 1-5 day pit stop.

We loved the quaint feel of Page. As much as the amazing things to do, I fell in love with the charm of small-town life. We stayed at a warm and cozy motel, got heartfelt advice on things to do from the happy locals, and ate at wonderful family-owned restaurants. Page truly embodies the spirit of Small Town, U.S.A.

I was pretty surprised to find that Page, Arizona, has a lot of amazing things to do, as well! While it is a friendly place to stop for the night and fill up on gas, it also happens to be home to some of the most jaw-dropping natural scenery in America.  Read on for the top things to do in Page, AZ from a reformed skeptic!


Page AZ Things to do for the Whole Family

If you’re on a great American road trip through the Southwest, the entire family will love a stop in Page! You don’t have to stay for long. It only takes a couple of days to see all the best Page AZ things to do before you head to the Grand Canyon!


1. Tour Antelope Canyon in Page AZ

Antelope Canyon Tour Worth It Things to do in Page AZ Page Arizona



I started seeing this incredible natural wonder on social media and was instantly jealous of anyone able to see it. I didn’t realize it was so accessible, though! When I found out Antelope Canyon was in Page I flipped out. We had to go!

Antelope Canyon is just outside of Page, Arizona. It’s on local Native American property, which means it’s run by the local tribe and all proceeds support the tribal community.

Antelope Canyon is a really popular place to visit in Page, AZ so be prepared to face the crowds. It’s also a great place to take those famous Instagram photos! Don’t expect to get photographer-quality photos unless you book a specific photography tour, however. You can still bring your camera and phone along on a tour for pictures, but they may not turn out well since you’re discouraged from stopping for very long and are prohibited from using a tripod for stability during regular tours.

Follow these tips to beat the crowds at Antelope Canyon for a private tour. Believe me, it’s worth it! We managed to have an Antelope Canyon tour virtually to ourselves, and you can, too. And you’ll come back to tell me that it was the highlight of your trip.


How to take an Antelope Canyon tour: 

There are some major tips when booking your Upper Antelope Canyon tour or Lower Antelope Canyon tour!

  • Call any Antelope Canyon tour company and reserve a spot in advance. Antelope Canyon tours cost between $33-$68/ adult, depending on which tour (scenic vs. photography) and which company you use.
  • Reserve the earliest spot possible!!! Tours get more popular throughout the day, so go on the 8:00 am tours (show up 30 minutes early) to get the most breathing room
  • Wear closed-toe shoes. You spend 90 minutes walking around 1/2 mile across lots of loose sand and three flights of narrow, steel stairs. You want to be sure to get as much traction as possible!
  • Bring a camera. A good guide will point out the best spots and angles for you to take pictures, and how to change your camera settings to account for the low light and bright colors. You can get incredible pictures even if you’re not on the Antelope Canyon photography tour!


2. Visit Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend Worth It Things to do in Page AZ


Horseshoe Bend is another natural wonder that has taken over social media. The beauty of this interesting, oblong landmark has captured the attention of professional landscape photographers which has caused a circulation of amazing pictures.

Be warned that this is an incredibly popular site and is likely to be covered in tourists from all over the world. I heard more languages on our hike in and out of Horseshoe Bend than I have at any single place in a long time!

I don’t personally think that Horseshoe Bend is as great as everyone else does, but I understand that most people will want to go there. It is pretty cool that so many natural features are located in one place! As long as you’re in Page, AZ you may as well see them all!


A fenced viewing platform is available at Horseshoe Bend, but it only covers a small portion of the canyon. The surrounding edges are easy to access and still quite dangerous. Proceed to the edge with caution, especially with young children. Three deaths were confirmed at Horseshoe Bend in 2018, with the most recent being a young girl on vacation with her family. With deaths at Horseshoe Bend becoming more and more common, it’s worth it to take some precautions.

Consider giving up the famous shot of jumping near the edge of the canyon or anything else which could become dangerous!

How to see Horseshoe Bend: 

  • Located on Mile Marker 545, Highway 89Page, AZ 86040
  • Horseshoe Bend now charges $10/ passenger car to enter the park. If the parking lot is full you may be asked to leave and return at a later time.
  • Go on weekdays at sunset or sunrise for the best views and lowest Horseshoe Bend tour visitors
  • Be prepared for a 1/2 mile hike up and down hill from the parking lot to Horseshoe Bend
  • Bring water, tennis shoes, and a camera
  • Understand that the edges are STEEEEEEEEEP! Please take caution when nearing the edges so you don’t fall over!
  • It is free to park and enter Horseshoe Bend. Stay as long as you want!


3. Go Off-Roading at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

off roading glen canyon Things to do in Page AZ


I had never heard of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area before our trip, but this is one of the very best things we did in Page AZ!

We rented a Jeep Wrangler from a local business and followed a hand-drawn map from the Jeep rental company 15 miles away to the walls of Glen Canyon. That’s right- the best roads aren’t marked so we were left to scrutinize personalized notes to get there. It was so fun!

We had incredible views, got out to play on unique toadstool formations, and didn’t see a single other person! Honestly.

Since hiking to Horseshoe Bend and going on an Antelope Canyon tours are so popular, it felt wonderful to be in the middle of gorgeous nature ALL ALONE.

If you appreciate nature, quiet, and adventure as much as we do then this is one amazing way to have fun and feel peaceful at the same time! Here are all the details on how we rented a Jeep and drove around Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Page. You can easily follow the track we did to go canyoneering, hiking, and see some incredible sights!

How to go off-roading at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

  • Reserve a Jeep in advance from Jeep Lake Powell; 750 South Navajo, Page, AZ. (480) 452-9895
  • Ask for plenty of recommendations! The owner really knows and loves Page, Arizona and has amazing tips on the coolest, most unique places to see and hike.
  • Bring a picnic, tennis shoes, camera, and hiking/ climbing equipment (if you’re into that sort of thing). It takes a while to drive to the best spots and you don’t want to waste part of your rental time going back to your hotel for anything.
  • Plan on spending at least half a day out. Jeep Lake Powell rents Jeeps for $150/ half day, but they had no problem letting us keep the Jeep for longer when we had more stuff we wanted to explore


4. Jet Ski Lake Powell in Page AZ

jet ski lake powell Things to do in Page Az


Lake Powell is one of the most famous inland bodies of water in the United States. It flows through multiple states, including passing near Page AZ.

You can kayak Lake Powell, jet ski Lake Powell, take a kayaking tour, rent a boat, go fishing, rent a houseboat on Lake Powell, etc. It’s a really fun recreation lake and one of the best things to do in Page!

We chose to jet ski Lake Powell because we love the excitement and speed, and I’m so glad we did. We brought our rented jet ski to the Wahweap Marina and within minutes were out to the narrow jet ski channels. The Glen Canyon walls rise above you and the water is an incredible color, which led to some of the most interesting views we’ve ever had on the water!

I’d heard from Arizona natives about the joy of being on Lake Powell, but I didn’t really understand the pride until we were actually there. Being in the middle of a red rock canyon and on the water? How is this unique landscape even possible?

How to jet ski Lake Powell 

  • Reserve a jet ski from one of the many jet ski rental agencies in Page, AZ. We chose B&T Marine because they offer rentals the latest in the season!
  • You’ll have to bring the jet ski to the marina on your own. You can do this with your own tow hitch, or by renting a UHaul truck for the day. This is a pretty routine situation, so the Page, AZ UHaul company has plenty of small rentals and jet ski rental agencies are used to hooking their jet skis up to them. Factor in that renting the UHaul will add an extra $40!
  • Bring a water- and wind-resistant jacket. It gets really windy in Glen Canyon, which means there are strong waves and any spray will get cold instantly. There’s also less direct sunlight for warmth due to the high canyon walls, so stick a light jacket in your jet ski just in case you get cold.
  • Plan on spending a full day. The recommended jet ski trail is pretty long with great stuff to see, and you’ll want to be sure and see it all!


5. Hike or Rappel Birthday Arch, Glen Canyon

Man at Birthday Arch Glen Canyon Things to do in Page AZ


If you’re the adventurous type this is a spot you definitely don’t want to miss!

Avid rock climbers will love all of the adrenaline-pumping opportunities to climb and rappel in Glen Canyon, Page. We went to Birthday Arch while off-roading Glen Canyon, and found it pretty easy to get to the arch with our rented Jeep Wrangler. We were prepared with our own climbing ropes and a harness, and anchored our rope to the Jeep for rappelling. 

I climbed around and to the bottom of Birthday Arch to catch my son as he rappelled down. If a 5-year-old can do it, you can too! To be honest, the walk around Birthday Arch was also pretty amazing. For fear of sounding like a broken record, what we love about Page Arizona is being alone in this unforgettable landscape. 


How to rappel Birthday Arch: 


6. Visit Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam Things to do in Page AZ
Photo courtesy National Park Service

Touring a dam sounds pretty boring, right? Well, this one is really cool! The second largest dam in the country (after the Hoover Dam, also fed by the Colorado River), Glen Canyon Dam is an engineering marvel for it’s time.

The Glen Canyon Bridge oversees the dam, and you must cross it when entering Page AZ. You may as well stop on the side of the road to catch a good view and visit the Glen Canyon Dam visitors center!

The museum is especially great for kids. They’ll love the dioramas showing how the Glen Canyon Dam works, and adults will love the wall of windows that shows great views of the Dam. The view from the large windows is really impressive. We really did love it. 


Page, Arizona Hotels

You only need a couple of days in Page AZ to experience the best this small town has to offer. There aren’t a ton of hotel options, but here are a few options to make your stay even more enjoyable!

Our top family hotel in Page AZ is the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson. It has a 9.0 rating from past guests, who rate it as comfortable and with great amenities for parents and children. What we especially love about Radisson is the location. It’s as close to the action as you can get, so trips to Horseshoe Bend and other Page things to do is easy!

If you’re looking for something withing walking distance to restaurants and shops our favorite Page AZ hotel is the Red Rock Motel. This 3-star motel is easy to get to, offers free parking and WiFi, and has very comfortable, locally-decorated rooms you’ll love!

Looking for something specific? Check Booking for the best rates and reviews!



Restaurants in Page AZ

Page isn’t a fancy town. One of the benefits of traveling here is all of the natural, low-key things to do. This attitude transfers to the food, as well. You’ll find well-made, delicious, down home food at Page AZ restaurants to refill your energy after hiking Horseshoe Bend or Antelope Canyon!

Here are our top restaurants in Page AZ for great food and good portions:

  1. Big John’s Texas BBQ: Big John’s a is a popular spot for locals and tourists. It has a small interior but plenty of outdoor seating, so feel free to grab a seat wherever you can and enjoy! We loved all the BBQ we tried from Big John’s. The portions are huge, all meat is smoked on site, and there’s plenty of BBQ sauce to go around. Perfect for a casual dinner or lunch!
  2.  Fiesta Mexican Restaurant: Fiesta Mexicana is one of many Mexican restaurants in Page, and one of the best. The portions are big enough to share with kids, and every dish is delicious. If you’re a fan of Mexican food stop in! The only downside is that this restaurant is a little bit expensive and dishes can take a while to come out. But it’s worth it!
  3. Strombolli’s Italian Restaurant and Pizza: Strombolli’s was recommended to us by a local at our hotel, and I’m so glad we took his advice. Sometimes you want to dive into huge, chewy pizza full of toppings after exploring the outdoors all day! We especially loved that Strombolli’s has outdoor seating, so you can enjoy the great outdoors while eating delicious Italian food.



We love Page, Arizona and hope you do, too!

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