Kayak Vs. Jet Ski Lake Powell: Jet Ski Wins!

Kayak Vs. Jet Ski Lake Powell: Jet Ski Wins!

I love being on the water, but I have to admit I wasn’t interested in going on Lake Powell. We’d already spent a few days hiking, rock climbing, and wandering around Northern Arizona. To be honest, I was ready for a more relaxing day.  I didn’t want to be a downer, though, so when Ben gave me the option to kayak or jet ski Lake Powell, out of love for him I didn’t tell him to shove it. I chose to jet ski Lake Powell simply because it seemed like it would take less energy.

Here I am saying it yet again: Ben was right.

Jet skiing down Lake Powell was an unbelievable experience and I am so, so glad I’m a good wife and agreed to it! Lake Powell is unlike any body of water I’ve ever visited. The water fills a gorgeous canyon, so the view while traveling down is of tall red rock formations on either side. The water is clean and blue, and the water stays pretty temperate all year long.


We rented our jet ski from B & T Marine in Page, Arizona. We chose them from the many jet ski rental agencies simply because they were the only ones still renting in October. The weather was still nice and warm, and we were surprised B & T even had any jet skis left to rent us with one day notice! Luckily they did, and the owner sat down with us for over 30 minutes giving us a map and detailed instructions on the best “local” places to go. This is why I love renting from or staying at local agencies- the owners have typically lived in the area for years and more interested in visitors having a great time in their city than they are with overhead costs and procedures! Give me a local with good advice any day over fancy letter head any day.

Kayak vs. Jet Ski Lake Powell 

1. There are many canyon splinters to explore, which is when I really preferred the jet ski to the kayak: able to make faster detours but still small enough to get up-close-and-personal with small spaces, it was perfect for Lake Powell.

2.  I also preferred the jet ski because it was easier for the three of us to travel together. We would have rented two kayaks and put our 5-year-old in one with a parent, but every time we kayak with him getting him to stay still and stop spraying us really slows things down. On a jet ski we sandwiched him between us and held on Dad for dear life and had a blast screaming and laughing in close quarters.

3. The recommended route was super long. We would have been out for days if we tried to kayak that length of water!

4. To be honest, I love kayaking and jet skiing because they both have benefits. Kayaking allows you to appreciate the area by keeping you actively (and slowly) engaged with the water. Paddling can be a great workout, and it can be really relaxing to feel one with nature. Jet skiing is noisy, fast, and sprays water, which isn’t as relaxing, but those elements can be really fun! You are able to see more places because you travel faster, and feel like you’re flying. They both have their place. For this particular location, however, I’d definitely choose jet skiing Lake Powell in order to simply see as much of it as possible.





Keep in Mind When You Jet Ski Lake Powell 

The biggest issue we encountered was getting our jet ski to Lake Powell. Not usually an issue, right? Well, on Lake Powell all water sports are controlled by Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas. Only LPR&M rentals are able for pick-up at Lake Powell- all others have to be trucked in by the renter (not the agency). Renters also have to fill out a form (aided by marina employees at each entrance) saying the prior lake of use, next lake of use, etc., since only “owners” are supposed to access the lake.  Just say “Lake Powell” for all questions.

We, and most others, rented a truck from uHaul to, well, haul our rented jet ski to Lake Powell. uHaul is just down the street in this small town, and we called in advance to make sure they had a truck for us. So before setting out to jet ski Lake Powell just keep in mind that you’ll also have a $40 truck rental fee (unless you have a tow hitch- go you!) and the time it takes to inspect the truck and fill out paperwork before even picking up your jet ski. By the time we got the truck, attached the jet ski, and found the right Lake Powell entrance and filled out our form I was starting to wonder if it was worth it at all!

I also suggest taking some waterproof jackets along. The canyon creates some strong wind, which also creates a lot of waves and spray. We got pretty cold in the sections that faced away from the sun! Some light jackets were easy to pack in the jet ski’s compartment, and easy to take on and off under our PFD’s. It also helped keep us warm when we accidentally tipped our jet ski over (oops!) and had to shed our drenched first layers.

Keep an eye on the weather.  If a storm is on the weather reports or dark clouds are rolling in, the reputable rental agencies won’t  rent you a jet ski. You do not want to be in that canyon during a storm, so plan accordingly!



  • B & T Marine, 803 Vista Page, Arizona. Call for availability: (928) 645-2599
  • uHaul, 813 Aqua Ave #10 Page, Arizona. Call for availability: (928) 608-5606


Lake Powell: 

  • Wahweap Entrance: 100 Wahweap Blvd Page, Arizona


  • Light Jakets
  • Snacks (obviously)
  • Towel (if you have space)

Despite the wind, spray, truck rental, and unexpected swim I am still absolutely thrilled that we chose to jet ski Lake Powell. Honestly, I can’t wait to go again!






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